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Backyard Pools Lead To Water Damage in New Holland, PA

Few people can resist the temptation of having a backyard pool. In addition to being a great backdrop for summer parties, having a pool most definitely increases your social status and popularity amongst your friends and family. However; a pool is not all fun and games, it requires care and maintenance and can come with its’ fair share of problems including the possibility of extensive water damage. The professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services in New Holland, PA have seen such damage and have provided water damage restoration services caused by pools numerous times.

Pools are lovely and relaxing, so how can they pose a threat? Many times there is something wrong below the water’s surface. In a raised pool there may be a leak you aren’t aware of, or perhaps the pool is close to your house and the water may seep into cracks in the foundation. Pool owners sometimes drain the pool improperly causing water to flow too quickly, and the soil in the yard is unable to absorb all the excess water. Even an overflowing pool can be a problem. A pool will not take care of itself, so you must be cautious and pay attention.

Hopefully your summer will be nothing but fun in the sun, but should you experience water damage don’t lose sleep. The experienced crew of professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services will be there for you. Along with their expertise, they will have the most reliable cleaning tools at their disposal providing you with a thorough restoration job and the best possible results. They will be happy to address all your questions and concerns, while explaining the process and guiding you through each step.

Whether you need someone to deal with water mitigation, fire damage restoration or mold remediation, it’s important to go with the best. Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services in New Holland, PA 24/7, 365 days per year.