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Beyond the Ick Factor: Why Sewer Damage is More Dangerous Than it Appears in Lititz, PA

Most citizens in Lititz, PA, are probably lucky enough that they don’t encounter raw sewage on a daily basis. The few that do, like the brave sewer damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up, should be regaled with praise and admiration for doing the sorts of jobs that would fell even the strongest businessman. However, the dangers of sewer damage extend even beyond the gross-out factor. Sewer damage can be genuinely hazardous to your health, not just your olfactory system.

The entire point of a functioning sewer system is to prevent anyone from having direct contact with sewage. The development of the modern sewage system has restricted a variety of parasites, infections, bacteria, and other viruses from finding their way into your home. This is one of the reasons why sewer damage is not only devastating, but also very hazardous. Exposure to sewer damage, even over a short period of time, can negatively impact your health and the health of your family.

Additionally, because of the structure of our sewer systems, a burst pipe or sewage backup can cause structural damage and even cave-ins, depending upon the extent of the sewer damage. Unlike some pipes that just run through your walls, sewage lines also run underground and through the foundation of your home. Frequent sewer damage could be the precursor to catastrophic home damage. Sewer damage restoration is effective, but mitigation and prevention is absolutely vital.

In the event of sewer damage in your home, it will be necessary to rely on the assistance of sewer damage restoration experts. Residents of Lititz, PA, who have encountered sewer damage should contact ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up at (717) 299-2261, or visit their website here as soon as any damage has occurred. Standing water and sewage are dangerous to have in your home, so act quickly to restore the health of your home.