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Colder Weather and Heating Hazards Could Create a Need for Fire Damage Restoration

As the season changes to crisp falls nights in New Holland, Pennsylvania, you might be tempted to take advantage if your home has a hearth that appears to be ready for a cozy fire. Whether it’s a relaxing experience or a fast track to fire damage restoration depends on how well you’ve prepared.

Most home experts agree that dirty chimneys can cause fires and clean chimneys don’t catch fire. It sounds simple enough, and it’s why an annual professional chimney sweeping is recommended. The idea is to clear out creosote deposits that have stuck to the inside of your chimney. When creosote gets hot enough it ignites, causing a chimney fire that can seriously damage both the interior and exterior of your home.

There’s nothing quaint about having a house full of smoke, let alone charred walls and furnishings. If it happens, it’s a fire damage restoration job you’ll want to take care of quickly in order to save as much of your home as you can and save some dollars as well.

At ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up of New Holland, being excellent at taking care of the messes created by fires of all types is a part of our name and who we are. While you may be unaware of how quickly you need to act, our crews are ready to put our experience to work.

We know that time is the enemy of most fire damage restoration scenarios, and we’re here to offer our expert advice on removing waterlogged and burned items. Our first order of business after taking care of the water damage is to help you decide what can be salvaged and cleaned.

Then there’s the difficult task of tossing items that you just might feel connected to. We also understand that these decisions aren’t easy, but they have to be made if soot covered surfaces are to be sealed and fire damage restoration is to take place. It’s about returning things to normal, ensuring the value of your home or business is preserved, and protecting the health of the people who visit or live there.

The decisions are yours if you’re dealing with fire damage restoration, smoke damage cleanup, or puff backs.

Don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up at any hour of the day or night in New Holland at (844) 805-1107.

We’re the pros who can handle the big and small jobs and help prevent further damage to your personal items and property.