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Creating A Fire Plan in New Holland, PA

Fires are a traumatic experience for anyone. The loss of property, physical danger, and potential financial disaster are enough to push the mere idea of it far to the back of your mind. Unfortunately, fires happen every day, which is why ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up Services exists.  Knowing you have a team of restoration specialists to deal with fire damage, is  incredibly important as is having a fire safety plan in place long before you actually need it.

Creating your fire plan doesn’t have to be a long, arduous process, but the plan should be as comprehensive as possible. It’s a good idea to set aside time when everyone will be available to review and break the plan down into steps. Make sure you cover the following basics with your family and/or colleagues.

  • Know the location of all exits and smoke alarms in your home or workplace. Have an escape route from each individual room.
  • Designate a safe meeting place that everyone agrees on, far from potential danger.
  • If there are pets, adults, or children who are unable to physically react to a fire, assign someone to help them in the event of an emergency.

Everyone should be comfortable with the plan and feel confident in their ability react to an emergency situation effectively. While you’re making your plan, you can act out each step to make sure everyone can open the doors, windows, and other exits easily and quickly. The National Fire Protection Association has additional resources for building your plan if you need help.

Once you make a primary fire plan, it’s important to update it every few years and anytime there are major family or employee changes. If you’ve moved, if your youngest child is now old enough to react to a fire on their own, or even if you have a new family pet, the plan should be reviewed and changed accordingly.

If you have your plan written and fully up to date, then the most important aspect of your family and workplace fire safety preparation is practice. Act out live drills annually, and if anyone seems unclear about the steps, then review and practice them again. Keep your fire plan posted somewhere in the open where it can be reviewed in non-emergency times as well. Practice until everyone is completely comfortable with their role, and then practice one more time for good measure!

Fire damage can be devastating, but practicing regular fire safety can improve the situation dramatically. The faster you can react, the faster assistance can arrive. If you’re in New Holland, PA and are affected fire damage, then contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up to get all the restoration help that you need.