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De-smoking your Wardrobe After a House Fire in York, PA

If nothing else, smoke is determined. Smoke lingers, clings, and hangs on for dear life long after the fire has cooled. It many aspects of life, this amount of dedication would be admirable. For smoke, however, it’s just kind of stinky. Because of this deep commitment to being smelly, smoke damage cleanup takes equal amounts of dedication, such as washing clothes over and over, wiping down surfaces, and opening all the windows whenever the York, PA temperature is bearably warm. But sometimes not even that is enough. This is why smoke damage cleanup services such as ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up exist. And yes, we can even help you de-smoke your favorite sweatshirt.

You may not think that smoke damage cleanup services have snazzy outfits on the top of their priority list, but in reality, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up has deodorizing and de-smoking broken down to a science. There are even particular types of cleaning machines designed to remove smoky smells from fabrics and clothing, which may be an indication of how difficult it can be to do the removal on your own. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, and with some persistence, you may be able make a bit of a dent in that smoky resolve.

The trick to abolishing stubborn smoky smells is to understand which types of cleaning materials interact most effectively with which types of smoke damage. And yes, there is a difference based on what type of material was originally burned. Since smoke contains residue of whatever was on fire, the smoky smells that cling to your clothes contains those properties as well! Some examples of fabric types and effective treatments can be found here if you’re looking to do some smoke damage control on your own.

Even if you have a basic idea of how smoky smells manifest, that doesn’t necessarily mean your laundry machine has the necessary oomph to completely return your wardrobe to its non-smoky state. If you’re still sensing some smoke on your clothing, don’t be afraid to turn to the smoke damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up. York, PA residents can call us today at 800.570.4206, or visit our website here for more information on deodorizing those smoky smells and giving your poor, suffering olfactory senses a break.