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Dealing with Smoke Damage in New Holland, PA: Why ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up Services is a Must

If you have a fire in your New Holland home, there are going to damage and issues that need addressing in the aftermath.  Even if your home didn’t suffer structural damage there will still be underlying problems that are dangerous and require immediate attention. In a stressful situation like a fire,  ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up will be there to access all damage including, smoke, water damage, boarding of windows and smoke infested clothing and furniture.

It really is easy to think that smoke damage and soot stains are the least of your worries after a house fire especially if there is a hole in the kitchen and your living room has water damage!  In fact, just because it looks a little rough doesn’t mean some good-old-fashioned scrubbing won’t clean that up, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Trying to deal with the aftermath of a house fire on your own can be damaging to your house in the long term, and it can even be dangerous for you and your family.  Smoke damage and soot stains spell bad news for air quality, lung health, and for reclaiming a fresh smelling home.

Visible black stains on the walls indicate two things: First of all, that smoke likely made it’s way into your air filters and ducts, and some elbow grease isn’t going to clear that out in a day… or even a month. Secondly, it means that the toxic chemicals that make up that smoke are still present in your home (in fact, they’re clinging stubbornly to your walls!) Consistent exposure to residual smoke damage can exacerbate asthma and allergies, as well as negatively impact breathing.

Health issues aside, say goodbye to smelling the roast cooking or enjoying those “sorry-your-house-caught-fire” roses that your sister sent.  Soot stains mean soot-smells, and it’s not just dangerous, it’s also just smelly. Your home is made from layers and layers of materials that have varying levels of porosity, and some of them (such as insulation) will suck that smell right up and keep it forever.

This is where ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up come in. Damage restoration specialists are trained in the proper removal of those seeping soot stains. They are also well aware of the health risks they can pose, which means they will be dealt with quickly and completely. If you’re in New Holland, PA  contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up.  Visit their website here or call them at 800.570.4206.