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Do Not Fight a House Fire in York, PA To Prevent Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire breaks out in your York, PA home, so many things happen at once it can be hard to attack the problem logically.  House fires are naturally emotional situations. The safety of your family, belongings, and the potential devastation all flash through your mind at once. Even a small, somewhat contained kitchen fire can cause feelings of dread and panic. With so much at stake, you have to fight back, right?


Actively fighting a fire correctly is hard enough, but knowing when not to act is harder still.  When you’re in your own home, a certain amount of control is expected. On a daily basis you control the atmosphere, the guests, the décor, and all of your activities. Yet, an unexpected fire may force you to relinquish that control. Not only is this scary, it’s also emotionally exhausting. To protect your safety and the safety of your family, it is vital to know when to flee. It is equally important to remember that with the help of fire damage restoration specialists, like those at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up, your home will get the help it needs. Here are a few scenarios where it’s in your best interest to leave your home and call for help immediately.


You should not attempt to deal with a house fire on your own if you are panicking. This may seem difficult to swallow because panic often accompanies sudden disturbances like fire, but panic leads to rash decisions that can make the situation worse. If you feel as though you’re not thinking clearly, remove yourself from the situation entirely and call for help. Fire damage restoration services can assist with physical losses. Your personal safety should always come first. Unless you have a well-practiced fire plan and you’re comfortable operating regulated fire containment devices, get out quickly.


You should not attempt to fight a house fire if the fire is spreading. There are many components that make up a home, and many of those components can contain highly flammable materials. Just because the fire seems to be moving slowly doesn’t mean it won’t pick up speed. A spreading house fire can cut off exits unexpectedly or cause sudden bursts of flame.  Fire fighting should be left to the professionals.


You should not attempt to fight a house fire if you can’t determine the source of the fire.  Whether it’s because of billowing smoke, sudden flames, or extreme heat, you should clear out of the home immediately if the source of the problem is not obvious. Electrical fires can be difficult to detect and even more difficult to extinguish without proper training and equipment.


It’s important to clarify that fire fighting doesn’t necessarily mean dousing the blaze on your own. Instead, fire fighting is as simple as calling for help when you need it. You aren’t “giving up” by contacting emergency services; you’re proactively dealing with the situation in a safe, effective way. If there are flames or smoke in your home and you don’t feel safe, get out immediately and contact the fire department.


Fire damage restoration exists so you never have to compromise your safety for the sake of your York, PA home. When a house fire occurs, it’s always necessary to consider what’s best for yourself above what’s best for your house. With the help of ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up, even a fire left alone can be a fire quickly forgotten. Be smart, be safe, and never be afraid to call for help. ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up can be contacted at 800.570.4206 or via our website.