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Don’t Make Water Damage Worse by Delaying Restoration in New Holland, PA

As thousands across the United States have discovered over the past month, flood damage can be caused by a deluge of rainfall or the remnants of a storm during hurricane season. Chances are you’re more likely to need professional water damage restoration help in New Holland, Pennsylvania, for something as simple as a broken pipe, or in the soggy aftermath of a fire.

Either way, the professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup Services are ready to get your home or business dried up in order to avoid even more damage and headaches. If allowed to linger, saturated floors and furnishings will usually lead to mildew, odors, and black mold.

While your first impulse when dealing with water damage might be to replace everything, it’s a good idea to have the knowledgeable folks at ServiceMaster in New Holland offer you an assessment and inspection first.

Excellent water damage restoration requires a good game plan. ServiceMaster technicians will develop a drying strategy that usually lasts several days and involves close monitoring. The idea is to remove the moisture without creating additional expense or future problems.

Finally, an anti-microbial treatment will likely be necessary to prevent mold problems and unwanted smells. It’s a multi-step water damage cleanup process, but one that ServiceMaster of New Holland is ready to offer in order to professionally restore your waterlogged home or business.

Disaster never happens at a convenient time and that is why you can reach ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup Services 24 hours a day in the New Holland, York, and Lancaster County areas at (717) 299-2261. If you’ve suffered a disaster in your home or business, don’t allow the damage to get worse by delaying prompt action. Make your first call to the pros at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up.