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The Aftermath: Considering Emergency Board Up Services Following Disaster in Elizabethtown, PA

When a large scale natural disaster is heading to your area, it can be difficult to know how to be properly prepared. There are of course the basic rules such as staying inside, keeping up on the current radar, and making sure you have food, water, and flashlights, but until the event itself arrives, the actual safety steps may feel a bit hazy. For Elizabethtown, PA, residents who have never been in a catastrophic weather event, knowing to contact ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up can be the difference between a swift, easy recovery and a lagging, frustrating one.

One part of disaster restoration that many home and business owners may forget to consider is dealing with the aftermath of broken windows. For many homeowners, broken windows mean an unsafe living environment and the potential for additional weather-related damage. If it’s not possible to immediately replace the broken window, an emergency board up service should be requested in order to mitigate further issues.

For business owners, the issues compound even further. Not only do broken windows lower the level of safety from theft and unexpected visitors, they can also cut the number of customers significantly until the issue is addressed. A broken window doesn’t inspire much of a feeling of security in potential shoppers. Nothing says “closed” more than shattered glass by the front door.

Emergency board up services allow you to get your home and business back online before any additional damage is done. The emergency board up services offered through ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up will allow your family or your place of work to recover internally without further exposure to the elements. Disaster restoration is about more than picking up felled trees and debris; it’s also about getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

When a storm passes through your area, your need for emergency board up services will likely be far from the front of your mind, so remember that Elizabethtown, PA, residents can contact ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up at (717) 299-2261 or visit their website here. Disaster restoration is a group effort; call for assistance today.