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Why Emergency Board-up Services Are Essential after a Disaster at Your Business

Disaster restoration is a process that most Elizabethtown, PA, business owners will only have to become familiar with one or two times in their lives. In many ways, this is a good situation because it means that you haven’t been faced with disaster after disaster throughout the life of your business. But it may also mean that when the time comes when you need disaster restoration assistance, you may not know what comes first or whom to call. The restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup understand that the disaster recovery process is overwhelming. That’s why among our disaster restoration tools we offer emergency board-up services for businesses impacted by unexpected disasters.


Emergency board-up services are one of the first you’ll want to request immediately after a disaster occurs because they accomplish several goals at once, such as preventing further damage from occurring outside or inside the building. Depending on the nature of the damage, your business may suddenly be exposed to any number of risks from environmental conditions to intentional tampering. Rather than crossing your fingers and throwing your business to the wolves, as it were, secure your property and protect its interior with expert board-up options instead.


At their core, emergency board-up services are essential in preventing unnecessary revenue loss. if your business has already been impacted by a disaster, you may have lost products, resources, records, or necessary machinery. By securing your business, you can protect what remains of these materials and preserve the condition of any still-functioning technology. Emergency board-up services also reduce the risk of vandalism, theft, and potential unexpected visitors. This means retaining more of what was left prior to the disaster and returning to full strength quicker all around.


The added benefit of emergency board-up services is that by keeping your location secure and free of additional damage, you can allow professionals to enter and begin the disaster restoration process much more quickly. An unsecured location may have items moved or damaged between visits, which can significantly slow the entire recovery process. Keep your business equipment and furnishings where they’re supposed to be and your disaster restoration experience will be all the more painless.


After a disaster at your Elizabethtown, PA, business occurs, you may have a moment where you look at the mess in front of you and think “Now what?” The good news is that with the disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup on your side, you won’t need to wonder for long. Call us at (844) 805-1107 for 24-hour response for emergency board-up services and more.