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Finding Options for Proper Upholstery Upkeep in York, PA

Upholstery cleaning in your York, PA, home can be a real pain. Hand washing takes time, machine washing takes money, and a single mishandled wine glass can necessitate either in an instant. On top of this, some upholstery can be stripped and tossed in the wash without a second thought while others seem to require an owner’s manual, a furniture schematic, and three types of organic detergent just to make a dent. How do you decide which upholstery cleaning method is best? The upholstery cleaning gurus at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up can help you decide!

Before you decide anything, it’s a good idea to really let this rule of thumb sink in; never let a stain set. If something spills, dab it up. If something sticks, unstick it. If something smears, de-smear those smears faster than you can say ‘de-smear those smears.’ Once an upholstery stain has set, your job has just become two times harder! If the unimaginable happens and upholstery cleaning is required, it’s time to find your tags and get to work.

The tags on your upholstery are going to be your best friends. Tags will often tell you exactly what you need to keep the fabric fresh or re-freshen it. They will also generally indicate which upholstery cleaning options will be wrong for your particular collection. For instance, some fabrics may benefit from water based upholstery cleaning products, while others should only be dry cleaned or steamed. When the tag doesn’t indicate anything, or has gone AWOL, it’s time to consult a professional.

If the tags are intact your cleaning job may be as simple as a quick trip to the nearest cleaning-solution store. Prior to hand cleaning, it’s wise to vacuum the item in question. Removing excess dust, dirt, and grime is a great way to lighten the load a little. Follow the directions on the bottle and focus your attentions on any upholstery stains.

Some upholstery tags may also feature a big “X” which may be an indication that your material is especially difficult to clean. If your York, PA, upholstery stains are too stubborn, or if your furniture tags are unclear, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261, or visit our website here for more information.