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Lots of Opportunity to Avoid Fire Damage for the Holidays in York, PA

Household fires are more common than you think around the holidays. They can also be costly and potentially deadly in York, PA, and the surrounding area.

I know you’re probably thinking of Christmas trees that can burn like kindling in a campfire. Certainly, natural trees are a big concern, especially if you’ve forgotten to water them daily and you don’t keep them far enough away from sources of heat.

It’s important to remember that other, more common things can create a fire danger in your home. Chances are you’ll be doing some cooking, and trouble related to food prep is the top cause of holiday fires. It can happen quickly when we forget we’ve left something on a hot stove. It’s a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher handy and ensure your smoke detectors have fresh batteries.

There’s nothing quite like the scent and warm glow created by candles to offer an extra seasonal touch. It’s the reason why candle fires are four times more likely in December. It’s also a good argument for never letting those candles out of your sight, and to make sure you snuff them out before going to bed.

It might be romantic to snuggle up while a crackling fire burns softly in the fireplace to set the mood, but be sure you’ve had the flue cleaned, burn only seasoned wood, and avoid the temptation to toss wrapping paper into the flames. When cleaning the fireplace, put the ashes into a metal container and leave them outside to cool for at least a day before disposing of them, otherwise they could create fire trouble when you least expect it.

Even if your holiday lights work, it doesn’t mean they’re safe. Check for frayed wiring, ensure extension cords are in good shape, and don’t leave strings of lights out all year long. Varmints may chew on them and potentially create fire danger from an electrical short.

Even the safest home or business owner can’t stop all mayhem. If you find yourself on the wrong side of a fire this winter, Service Master Fire and Water Clean Up in York, PA, is ready to act. Our professionals will create a custom plan for fire restoration, mold remediation, and water removal should a fire disaster strike your home or business.

ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up utilizes the latest equipment, resources, and technical knowledge to properly care for your building and furnishings in the York area. We’re available 24 hours a day at (844) 805-1107. Keep us in mind and do your best to avoid fire danger this holiday season.