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What Happens When You Put Off Fire Damage Restoration for Your Quarryville, PA, Home?

Minor fires happen every day in Quarryville, PA households. It could be as small as overcooking eggs in a pan, or as significant as an electrical fire scorching the den wall. Depending upon the severity, in can be easy to brush off a little smoke and soot. Maybe just wipe up the worst of it with a towel and move on. However, the fire damage restoration professionals with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up encourage homeowners to take any and all fire damage seriously. Even if it only looks like a teensy bit of damage, the longer you ignore it, the worse it can get.

The chemical reactions that occur during a fire create many byproducts that can be classified as highly corrosive materials. This means that in the event of fire damage, corrosion can continue to occur after the main fire event has ended. It may not be as obvious as a burning reaction, but corrosive byproducts can nibble away at the materials that make up your house which, over time, leads to additional damage. In some severe fire damage cases, gradual corrosion can even lead to infrastructural instability.

Considering the side effects that can be caused by corrosion, putting off the fire damage restoration process can create the need for a much longer recovery time, and this isn’t just because of the time spent ignoring the issue. Fire damage has ways of compounding itself. It could manifest in the form of corrosive materials, but it can also manifest as a lingering smell, dark spots on the walls or carpet, or other cosmetic problems in your home. Like corrosion, these issues may not appear until long after the initial fire event has taken place.

Setting aside cosmetic and physical fire damage, ignoring fire damage can make you and your family susceptible to long-term health impacts that accompany living in a smoke or fire damaged home. Inhaling chemical byproducts created by fire damage can exacerbate allergies, trigger asthma attacks, or make other common ailments such as pneumonia more severe or long lasting. Fire damage restoration centers around the idea that your home health is as important as your physical health. If fire damage restoration is being done properly, these effects should be fully mitigated by the time you move back home.

No matter how minor the damage looks, fire damage needs attention as soon as it happens.

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