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The Hidden Dangers of Home Storm Damage in Lititz, PA

Not knowing is definitely one of the worst aspects of major storm damage. Not knowing how much damage has been done to your Lititz, PA, home. Not knowing if your pictures and cherished items made it through. And even not knowing where you’ll be staying as repairs are taking place. But giving in to the frustration and trying to find out for yourself without professional assistance puts you at risk. With storm damage comes shrapnel, unstable structures, and debris. Before venturing into a storm damaged home, be sure to allow the debris cleanup experts with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup to give you the “all clear.” We can help you assess the damage and guarantee a safe way to finally take stock.


Even if your home appears relatively undamaged, debris can still pose unexpected risks to anyone traversing the area without proper awareness and gear. This is, in part, because severe storm damage can make it very difficult to discern what state your home is truly in: there may be furniture with new jagged edges, loose nails, and stray glass in your path where it was previously safe to walk or sit. These hazards, plus exposure to the elements, can make even a small cut or wound a risk for infection and worse.


Obvious physical debris aside, storm damage can also be deceptively sneaky. Standing water might be concealing biohazardous materials, shock hazards, or any number of invisible threats. Staying away from the site of the debris cleanup effort is by far your safest option. Debris cleanup teams are trained and prepped for all types of potentially hazardous scenarios that a victim of storm damage will likely not be prepared to tackle.


It’s also important to remember that after major storm damage occurs, residents of your home, yourself included, may be in shock or disoriented by the scale of the damage. Trying to take on a task like debris cleanup on your own is made more dangerous when participants are in a delicate state of mind. Professional debris cleanup takes the pressure off of homeowners and allows time for processing to occur while cleanup takes place.


If your Lititz, PA, home has been impacted by severe storm damage, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup to inquire about our debris cleanup options. Put your safety first and call today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information. We’ll help you get on your feet and finally know where you stand.