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Getting In-Depth Home Cleaning with Air Duct Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

Deep cleaning your Lancaster, PA, home might be a process that you only have time for a few times a year, but even the most thorough, in-depth cleaning session can miss some hidden spots in your home that collect more dirt than you may ever realize. For instance, take a moment and think about the last time your deep cleaned your air ducts. For many homeowners, the answer might be a firm “Never.” Though a lot of surface level cleaning can keep your home looking clean and orderly, ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup’s home cleaning experts also recommend incorporating truly comprehensive cleaning services for your home to address those easily missed areas like air ducts and vents.


Homeowners shouldn’t feel too badly for omitting air ducts from their regular home cleaning process. Depending upon the size and scope of your home, the ducts may seem inconsequential, out of reach, or require tools or equipment that you may not have on hand for effective air duct cleaning. Proper air duct cleaning requires specialty attention and equipment that may not be in most homeowners’ standard toolbox.


Air duct cleaning is a multistep process that, without professional home cleaning services, may just seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Along with gaining access to the ducts in the first place, air duct cleaners must turn off the electrical power, remove and clean all of the grates, and then thoroughly vacuum and clear all the vents to ensure that no dust particles or debris is kicked out when the fans are turned back on. This process is not only difficult and tedious, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not comfortable working on ladders. The complex nature of the task makes it well suited to being handled exclusively by home cleaning experts.


It’s also important to remember that the benefits of air duct cleaning extend beyond the simple feeling of a job well done. Air duct cleaning can help alleviate allergy symptoms, asthma, skin and eye irritation, and reduce musty and dusty smells in your home. It can be easy to forget how much dust and dirt is being stored in those invisible vents, but the difference after a deep cleaning is undeniable.


If your Lancaster, PA, home is due for a deep air duct cleaning session, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup’s home cleaning team to schedule your cleaning appointment today. Call us at (717) 299-2261 or find out more by visiting our website.