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Playing It Safe after Home Fire Damage Hits Your Lititz, PA, House

The flames that precede home fire damage are the most obvious part of any house blaze, but unfortunately the dangers of fire damage don’t stop at the flames. In many ways, open flames are just the beginning of the trouble. Fire damage restoration is a process comprised of many steps, and ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up wants all Lititz, PA, homeowners to know that the first step of every damage restoration situation is ensuring that the occupants and owners are safe, healthy, and in no further danger. The risks that accompany home fire damage are numerous and sometimes subtle. Therefore, learning to protect yourself in a fire damage situation is vital to the damage restoration process.

Fire is the sort of chemical reaction that causes a huge variety of effects as it spreads. Along with the physical burning and heat, there is also the production of smoke and soot. For homeowners dealing with home fire damage, these byproducts can be more dangerous to you and your family than the fire itself. It’s natural after home fire damage to want to go back in and see just how bad it is, but resisting this urge until damage restoration specialists have ensured that the space is safe is extremely important. Not only can the structural integrity of your home be compromised, but also, if the space is still smoking, you could be at risk of smoke inhalation or other types of respiratory damage.

Along with the immediate risks, returning to the home even after the fire is completely out can still be dangerous. The extinguishing process utilized by fire fighters can be high powered and widespread. This can mean that your home fire damage is now also paired with home water damage as well. Even if things are mostly dry, a damaged home paired with significant amounts of water can produced mold or other respiratory risks.

Playing it cool until damage restoration professionals give the “all clear” can be frustrating and overwhelming. If your Lititz, PA, home has been impacted by home fire damage or you need any damage restoration services, contact our team at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up for details on how to take the first step forward. Call us at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for more information today.