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House Styles in Different States

House Styles in Different States

America is dotted with a multitude of varying architectural home styles. Residential designs in the southwest are dramatically different from those in the northwest. The one factor that unites them all is size – houses in the US are bigger than those in other parts of the world.

Each state features homes that are architecturally and visually distinct from those in other geographic locations across the country. Linking them all is their square feet; a median size family home is roughly 1600 or 1650 square feet. US homes also have a larger number of rooms per occupant.

Home styles in each state can range from the split-level homes in Hawaii and New York to the Mediterranean mansions in California. Homes are specially built for the wealthy elite, while others are ideal for the working class. Here’s a look at some of the most popular architectural styles.


Ranches are one-story properties built close to the ground. Ranch homes are prevalent in the US, given their American origins. This style of house rose to popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, demand is once again surging, especially in the East coast and Midwest.

Alaska, populated by homeowners who are drawn to its rugged environment, is one state where ranch houses are commonplace. In North Carolina and Ohio, ranch houses make up 81 percent of the housing market. In fact, ranches are popular in 34 states across the US.

Ranch houses


Rivaling ranches, Craftsman homes are also a popular architectural style in homes across the US. This style of home emerged and spread between 1900 and 1929. Craftsman houses are small to medium-sized family structures that emphasize architectural simplicity and modesty.

Southern states, like Missouri, Georgia, and Alabama, are where Craftsman style homes can be found. California and the Midwest are also built with Craftsman homes. These homes are identifiable by their low-pitched roofs, wide open front porches, and large bay windows with an overhanging roof ledge.

Craftsman Houses

Split-Level Homes

Short flights of stairs connect multiple stories in a split-level home. Three different levels exist in such a home: a living room on the main floor; bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen on the upper floor; and a garage or den in the basement.

Split-level homes can be found across the US, from as far west as Hawaii to Iowa in the Midwest and as far east as New York. This style of home is preferred by young, growing families who value affordability, a spacious feel, and plenty of backyard space.


Built as a one-story house, cottage or cabin, bungalows are another popular architectural style. The square footage built into bungalows is small, but large bungalows are not uncommon. The size and number of rooms in bungalow style homes are also small.

While bungalows can be found in Midwestern states, like Missouri, Illinois and Michigan, the West coast was the first to introduce this style of architecture to the US. The California bungalow appeared around the turn of the century and its subsequent popularity reached as far east as Washington, DC.

Bungalow Houses


Designed to endure warm climates, Mediterranean style homes are common in the US. The architectural style of these homes was inspired by houses in Italy, Portugal, Spain, and other countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea; the style also has heavy cultural influences from France and Greece.

Mediterranean homes feature red clay roof tiles, stucco walls, and large, symmetrical facades. The homes’ ornate archways serve both structural and decorative purposes. Mediterranean homes are popular in warmer states in the US, like Texas, California, Florida, and the southwestern regions.


Colonial style residences date back to the 1600s when the first British colonists arrived in the US. This type of architectural style is based on the homes the colonists had in England. Although colonial homes have been around for hundreds of years, they are still popular in the US today.

Colonial homes feature two stories, symmetrical floor plans, chimneys, and a pitched roof. Whether the homes are Dutch colonial, French colonial or Spanish colonial, colonial homes can be found primarily in states in the Northeast, like Pennsylvania, as well as Virginia.

Colonial houses


Clean lines, minimal decoration, and a link to nature describe modern architectural style homes. These residences are built with certain defining elements, such as flat roofs, floor-to-ceiling windows, and large, open spaces with immediate access to the outdoors. Modern homes can even be split-level.

Modern style architecture boomed all across the US after World War II, when soldiers returned. Today, modern homes are seeing a resurgence. Mid-century modern homes are built in all states across the country. The largest collection of mid-century modern homes can be seen in Palm Springs, California.

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