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Identifying Ice Dams and Preventing Water Damage Restoration on Your York, PA Rooftop

Too many things seem to go wrong around the house when winter sets in. Pipes freeze, floors creak, windows seem draftier than they were last year, and all of this with the added bonuses of slippery garages and slushy driveways. There’s too much trouble happening on the ground floor to have time to worry about the roof, but sure enough, things can go wrong up there too. In climates that dip below freezing on a regular basis, like the winter temperatures in York, PA, there is a danger of ice dams developing along the roof of your home. As the water damage restoration specialists at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up can tell you, rooftop problems are just a catalyst for many additional home maintenance challenges.

Identifying ice dams requires a watchful eye and a little bit of background knowledge.   Ice dams are particularly common in rooftops with poor insulation. When heat escapes through your attic and roof and melts snow during below freezing temperatures, the melted snow travels downwards. By the time it reaches the edge of your roof, it refreezes. Since insulation plays a role in the process, this means that ice dams can be a chronic home problem and not just bad luck. If you notice large ice build ups or icicles forming along the edge of your roof, it could be a sign that ice dams are forming.

Preventing ice dams may mean hiring a professional to investigate your insulation issues. This means making sure that your roof is completely sealed and no heat can easily escape. However, prevention could also be as simple as clearing your rooftop of snow during the winter. If you’ve found that ice dams are a chronic problem, you may want to consider a permanent solution sooner rather than later.

Ice dams are much more than an unsightly inconvenience. Without attention, ice dams direct water into your home and cause significant water damage in your walls, foster mold growth, and deteriorate your house. These “dams” are named as such because they prevent the proper flow of water running off your rooftop. Once water enters your home, the damage can be lasting and extensive.

If you’ve detected discoloration, mold, peeled paint, or any other type of water damage in your York, PA home following the formation of ice dams, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up to discuss your water damage restoration options. With early attention, water damage restoration services can prevent ice dams from impacting your home in any lasting way. Call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up at 800.570.4206 for more information, or visit our website here.