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How to Deal With Kitchen-Centric Water Damage in Your Lancaster, PA, Home

Water damage in the kitchen can be hazardous in more ways than the average Lancaster, PA, homeowner might imagine. Of course, the structural impact that water damage can have on your home is inherently problematic but the health risks that water damage poses extends even further…especially when damage has occurred where you keep your food. The water damage restoration professionals here at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up urge all homeowners who have been impacted by water damage to seek assistance quickly before the damage seeps into your life and kitchen any further than it already has.

The truest, most basic danger of water damage is that it’s insidious. It soaks into your home, often under the radar, and brings with it the potential for any number of molds, pests, and other problematic side effects. This is particularly the case when it’s centered in the kitchen. Water damage in the pantry could mean anything from mold-infested flour to bug-infested sugar and everything in between.

Speedy water damage restoration in the kitchen is vital because not every risk of water damage is clearly visible. Spores from hidden mold can work its way into your food even if you can’t see it with the naked eye. Contaminated water from a ruptured pipe can look, on the surface, like regular drinking water if you aren’t paying attention. The best way to protect yourself from the hidden risks is to treat every obvious sign of water damage with the weight and attention it deserves.

If you’ve noticed signs of discoloration on your kitchen walls, damp smells or stains in the pantry, or puddling water from unusual sources, contact the water damage restoration experts with ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up immediately. Water damage in the kitchen isn’t a problem you can brush aside while it clears up on its own, it demands action.

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