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Learning to Be Flood Aware in Lancaster, PA | Water Damage Restoration by ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up

While the story of the Texas flooding is being featured on every major news network, it’s hard not to acknowledge how dangerous a flood situation can be. Even a small amount of water in your home can cause significant water damage to your belongings and to the house itself. Residents of Lancaster, PA may not have to worry about hurricane conditions this month, but that doesn’t mean that some heavy rain and a little bad luck won’t come along some day in the future. The good news is that the specialists at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up will be around to help you after the fact, but wouldn’t it be even better to know that you’ve done what you can to keep your home secure before disaster strikes?

In some parts of the world, flood-proofing means buying special window shutters, reshaping your roof, and lifting your home up on stilts.  Fortunately, the weather in Pennsylvania doesn’t tend to be quite so volatile. In our case, flood-proofing really just means learning to be “flood-smart.” The first step of this learning process is to tune in to your potential flood points. Do you live in a depressed lot? Are you located near a river? Does your neighborhood have a well maintained water drainage system? Just understanding where you’re located in reference to potential weather threats already sets you above the curve.

The next step is having some basic flooding know-how. Check out this flooding information page for some tips on proper preparation. Some flood-proof basics include:

  • If the water has not reached your home, move outdoor furniture inside and upstairs to protect it.
  • Unplug all vulnerable electronic devices and appliances (but not while standing in water!)
  • Evacuate or move to higher ground if directed.

If the water has already swept through your home, it’s time to get help. Important post-flood tips include:

  • Do NOT re-enter your home until an emergency authority gives the all clear.
  • Do not turn on electronic appliances when water is still present, and exercise caution when turning them on again for the first time after the flood has ended.
  • Watch for any issues with the structural integrity of your home. If something seems off, get out and contact a professional.

Once your safety and the safety of your family has been assured, you can start to think about rebuilding. This is where the services of ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up are essential.

The specialists at ServiceMaster can help you restore your Lancaster home to its former glory and do it in a safe, responsible manner. Water damage can be devastating to a home, and knowing that there’s help available is so important after a disastrous event. Flood education can start any time, and it doesn’t have to end once the flood has come and gone.

Contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up for more information on how to keep your home dry and your belongings secure in a flooding event, and how to deal with damage that has already occurred. Being flood-ready is all about being attentive and prepared for action when the need arises, so start getting ready today.