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Three Terrible Liquid Carpet Stains and How Carpet Cleaning Can Help in Elizabethtown, PA

Carpet stains come in many forms, but the worst of them usually result from popular, everyday beverages. Carpet stains in Elizabethtown, PA are no exception. Though most homes probably deal with their share of pet messes and food spills, spilled drinks are the number one way you can turn a carpet from pristine to permanently discolored in seconds flat. Carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up urge all homeowners to watch their glasses with wary eyes and to act fast when spillage occurs, especially when the drinks in question fall into the categories listed below.

The gold medal for miserable carpet care stains in busy households goes to soda and soft drinks. Considering the amount of colored syrup in most soft drinks, the fact that soda is an absolute nightmare to get out of carpet probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Soda seeps into carpet fast and gets very sticky very quickly, and those fluorescent colors don’t do carpet fibers any favors. Plus, thanks to the bubbly carbonation, soda tends to travel even further than similar, denser beverages. It’s an all-in-one carpet cleaning nightmare.

The silver medal for carpet care villains goes to red wine. Wine stains are so notorious that every mattress company in the U.S. loves to use it as the example of “worst case scenario spills” in their commercials. To be honest, there’s a good reason behind the choice. Wine is a dangerous pigmented, sticky liquid and is often consumed in high-energy settings such as dinner parties or other celebrations. Even if you catch it quickly, red wine can stain instantaneously.

The bronze medal goes, appropriately, to coffee. Coffee stains don’t only leave bronze-colored physical evidence behind, but are also paired with that trademark smell. Depending upon the severity of the spill, a single coffee mishap can scent a room for days and beyond. The depth of the stain may depend on the darkness of the roast, but even a light roast with a lot of water can leave a faint color behind that requires deep carpet cleaning.

The trick to carpet care for each of these stains depends on two important factors: speed and efficiency. The moment the liquid hits the carpet you should be dabbing at it with a damp washcloth to lift it away without spreading it. Leaving even a little residue behind can allow it to set in, making removal even more difficult. If a stain has settled into your home carpet, it’s time to rely on the experts.

The carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up can help you restore your carpet to its original condition, even if you happened to spill a coffee-wine-soda combination all over your off-white living room rug. Elizabethtown, PA residents can call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here.