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How Your Lititz, PA Home Can Fight Back Against Mustiness with Regular Carpet Cleaning

There are many benefits of having carpet in your Lititz, PA, home. Beyond aesthetics, carpet acts to retain heat in the winter and can actually help save on your energy bills. For families with children or noisy pets, it also works as a sound dampener and a comfortable place for your kids to play. However, even with all of this in mind, once your carpet starts to smell musty, even the largest benefits can be called into question. With help from the carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up, you can have your carpets cleaned so well any and all mustiness will become a thing of the past.

The word “musty” has become a bit of a catchword for any type of unpleasant smell that settles into fibrous home furnishings, but it specifically refers to a category of smells that center around dampness. The downside of dampness is that any comfortable home with have to contend with it sooner or later. Carpet doesn’t have to be in a damp basement for it to start developing a musty smell. Summer humidity, spills, damp shoes, and even cooking can introduce enough moisture into your carpet to cause mustiness. This isn’t to say you should keep your home bone-dry, but rather that regular carpet cleaning should be playing a bigger role in maintaining a healthier home environment.

Mustiness is the type of scent that is noticeable as soon as you step into a room, and even if you get used to it, guests will likely be less adapted. If your carpets are especially musty, the smell could also be seeping into your clothes and curtains. If you continually put off having your musty carpets cleaned, that mustiness could be a precursor to mold, which of course carries with it many more inherent health risks and issues. Regular carpet cleaning removes that earthy smell and also ensures your carpets are as clean and mold-free as possible for the long term.

Rather than burning through dozens of scented candles and opening all your windows to contend with the smell, contact the carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today. We can deep-clean your Lititz, PA, carpets and leave them stain-free and smelling like new. Call us at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for more information.