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Making Sure Mold Isn’t Your Enemy Following a Soaking in Quarryville, PA

In this season of super soaking storms, there’s more at stake than the possibility your home or business in the Quarryville, Pennsylvania, area could suffer from water damage. What gets wet must dry, but it’s how the process is handled that will determine if you can salvage what you can and avoid potentially endangering your health.

ServiceMaster flood damage and water removal in the Quarryville area is ready to help you determine the extent of the damage and develop a drying plan. We’re also very aware that youre in a race against time to ward off another, even longer term headache: mold.

Many water damage restoration experts agree you probably have one to two days to work with before even more permanent damage is done. Mold is dangerous for people with breathing problems, especially if they are sensitive to allergies or asthma. Symptoms of mold exposure can even mimic those you might experience if you were suffering a cold.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up in Quarryville, PA, is also concerned that bacteria from sewage might have been a part of that strange brew created by flooding or other forms of water damage. Bacteria can cause serious digestive system illnesses and types of skin irritation.

It’s best to have professional help as you struggle with the details of water damage restoration. Experienced technicians from ServiceMaster can handle anything from a broken pipe to the fallout from flooding. They’ll survey the task, remove the water, and create a drying plan that puts you ahead of potential mold problems.

Disaster doesn’t usually happen at a convenient time. Thats why you can reach ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up 24 hours a day in the Quarryville, York, and Lancaster County areas at (717) 299-2261. Don’t allow damage created by dampness to get worse by delaying action – immediately call the pros at ServiceMaster of Quarryville.