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The Musty Dilemma after Flood Damage in Lititz, PA

You’ve suffered flood damage in your Lititz, PA, home. Perhaps it was caused by a burst pipe, an overzealous river after some heavy autumn rain, or a freak accident involving a washing machine. Regardless of the how the water got into your home, it’s seeping into places it shouldn’t be. Luckily, you’ve already taken all the right steps. You called for flood damage restoration assistance with experts such as those at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up. Your insurance has been notified, and you’ve taken stock of all the damage. The water is removed. Everyone is safe. So, why do things still smell so musty?


Flood damage comes in many forms. It may include structural damage, aesthetic damage, or perhaps the loss of important family objects. Or, even after the worst has been cleared away, it may come in the form of a smell. Though it may seem inconsequential to be concerned about the smell of your home after flood damage has occurred, any sort of unusual smell could be a sign there’s residual moisture that still needs to be dealt with. Flood damage restoration is a process that needs to be very thorough to prevent hazardous mold and long term structural degeneration. If things smell wet, they might still be wet.


It’s hard to know what’s supposed to be normal in your home after flood damage, but those musty, lingering smells are certainly not supposed to last forever. If opening the windows and airing out your home isn’t enough, don’t be afraid to ask for a flood damage restoration check-up to ensure that future damage is prevented.


If your home has suffered from flood damage and a damp, musty smell is still lingering in your Lititz, PA, home, contact the flood damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up at (717) 299-2261, or visit our website here.