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Navigating Treacherous Flood Waters in Lititz, PA and Water Damage Restoration

It would be a wonderful thing if flood water just made things wet. Wet can be pretty easy to deal with. In many cases it can be mopped and wiped and squeegeed away. In fact, wet will often leave over time with very little fuss. But, when it comes to flood water, it prefers to be wet with side effects. Flood water brings in dirt, muck, and mold. Worst of all, it brings in disease. Water damage restoration is about more than making things dry; it’s about making things safe. The experts at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up want residents of Lititz, PA to know why flood water is best left to the professionals.

There are plenty of obviously dangerous reasons to leave flood water alone, including potential electrocution, being swept away, or drowning. Sometimes the more subtle dangers are the ones that can be the worst to the deal with. Water is exceptionally good at carrying things, and depending upon where it comes from and how long it sits, some of those things can make people very sick. Water damage restoration experts can restore your home, refinish your walls, and tell you when it’s safe to go home.

Some health concerns associated with flood waters are infections from contact with contaminated water, diarrhea caused by ingestion, and bites from displaced bugs and animals. An infection from flood water can begin from something as small as a paper cut, and gastrointestinal distress can result from improper hand washing. All of these issues can range from mild to extreme depending upon individual circumstances, but in the right conditions, any of them could prove deadly. This is particularly true when it comes to children, the elderly, and household pets. Removing yourself and your family from the effected flood area is the safest option following an event, and until professionals have given the all clear, keeping a distance is recommended.

If your family or someone you know in Lititz, PA has suffered from a flood water event, get in touch with the water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up. Flood water can be unpredictable and hazardous. Be safe and call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up at 800.570.4206, or visit our website here.