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Don’t Waste Your Summer: Let New Holland, PA’s Pros Tackle All of Your Home Cleaning

After months of wintery and dreary weather in the New Holland, Pennsylvania area, why would you want to waste a moment of summer sun doing drudgery indoors?

We’re talking about home cleaning and what you could be doing if someone else would only take that chore off your hands.

Say hello to ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up and goodbye to the sort of work you might not even want to spend part of a rainy day doing.

The ServiceMaster pros are ready to put all that dirt and dust that built up during the cold weather months on the run. But it’s more than a wipe here or a vacuum there. Your ServiceMaster experts know you want a deep cleaning and they’re ready to deliver.

What works best for you? Do those floor coverings need some shining, or do your carpets need a steam clean before you either open your windows or run your A/C? Either way, your nose and eyes are sure to be pleased, no matter how you shelter from summer’s swelter.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up also knows a thing or two about your furnishings. We make the old seem new again by paying close attention to safe stain removal and then ensuring your upholstery and wood not only shine but make your family and visitors feel right at home.

Proper home cleaning isn’t for those who don’t have a plan to get results or think that a thorough touchup is something they can’t afford.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is available 24 hours a day for your home cleaning needs in the New Holland area at (717) 299-2261. And, as our name implies, we’re ready to handle routine and disaster cleaning.

Summertime doesn’t last long enough for you to worry about tidy time. Let us worry about making your favorite spaces even more nice and livable while you figure out what to do with your extra time in the sun.