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Service Master by Libby Green Answers All of Your Questions about Smoke Removal & Fire Damage Restoration for Your Pikesville, MD Home

February 12th, 2016 · No Comments

At Service Master by Libby Green, we are always talking about fire damage restoration and the many other services we offer to those in the Pikesville, MD area, but what is fire damage restoration? How does smoke removal make a difference in a home compared to just allowing things to “air out”? Well we have the answers and we’re here to help you not only understand, but also appreciate what fire damage restoration is.

 What is smoke removal?
Smoke removal is obviously not the actual process of removing smoke (that will occur naturally when the fire is put out); rather, it involves the de-oxidization of smoke removes the chance of the permanent damage it can cause to walling, insulation, and flooring.

 How does smoke removal help in fire damage restoration?
Getting rid of the damage done by smoke is necessary to prevent further complications. If smoke damage is left untreated, it could potentially cause corrosion, the breakdown of walls and flooring, and paint discoloration, not to mention a serious odor that will not clear away on its own. It’s important to tend to the potential permanent damage before it is too late!

 What does smoke removal have to do with de-oxidization?
Smoke removal is a key part of de-oxidization. If smoke damage remains in the home, even months of airing it out will not get rid of the odor the smoke and fire left behind. By removing the smoke, you allow your home to completely purge itself of the smoke damage, and as a result, the odor will leave.

 How does smoke removal relate to my Pikesville, MD home?
Smoke removal applies to everyone, even if they may not want to admit it. Although lots of people believe a fire will never happen to them, disaster has no bias and can strike anyone at any time, so knowing what smoke removal is and how it could benefit you is important. Even though no one wants an emergency, it’s always important to be prepared for one.

Have you or a loved one gone through a fire recently? Contact ServiceMaster by Libby Green today at 800.570.4206 for fire damage restoration services. We care deeply about the Pikesville, MD area and will do everything we can to ensure that you and/or your loved one are treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity during this difficult time.

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