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Investigating and Abolishing Smoke Stains With Cigarette Smoke Removal in Your Lititz, PA Home

April 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Whether you’re a current smoker, a former smoker, or someone who just lives where a smoker once did in Lititz, PA, you’ve probably had some experience with the difficulties of cigarette smoke removal. Smoke stains get into your clothes, on your skin, in your furniture, and even can seep into woods and walls. For residents stuck in these smoky, homes you may be wondering why the smoke lingers so much more than other similar substances. The cigarette smoke removal experts at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up are well versed in the removal of major smoke stains, but even when it’s gone the question remains: What makes cigarette smoke stick around in the first place?

Smoke stains happen because of the main ingredients that occur in cigarettes. The particular makeup of the smoke includes tar and nicotine, which are heavy, sticky substances. When these substances are either exhaled or emitted from a cigarette, they collect and stick on anything with a porous surface.

The mobility of smoke means that it can penetrate various types of surfaces in a short period of time. A small amount can reach a lot of surface area and have a major impact on your walls and furniture even if you’re not a regular smoker. Smoke stains don’t always occur immediately, but they’re a common byproduct of regular smoking.

Smoke stains are the result of long-term exposure and poor ventilation. The best cure for these stains comes in the form of smoke stain removal experts or, more specifically, cigarette smoke removal experts.

If you’re a Lititz, PA resident who is dealing with problematic smoke stains in your home, or you’re interested in professional cigarette smoke removal services, contact us at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261 and visit our website here for information.

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