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Safely Removing Stubborn, Sticky Substances with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Your Elizabethtown, PA, Home

December 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Sticky messes are pretty much universally considered the most frustrating messes to remove from carpets. This is, in part, because they tend to be stubborn, and in part, because they add to the mess by attracting dust, hair, and other matter, leading to a mass of “ick” in the carpet fibers. Rather than spritzing, spraying, soaking, and hoping, contact our professional carpet cleaning team at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up for tips and hands-on sticky-removal techniques for your Elizabethtown, PA, home carpets.


Part of the challenge of professional carpet cleaning when tackling sticky spots is that you may not always know what the substance is just by looking at it. Sure, if you live alone and spilled some pudding a week ago, that’s probably a good guess of what the stickiness is, but for larger households with a lot of people in motion, identifying the sticky culprit can be a job in itself. Without knowing the type of mess you’re dealing with, it can become very easy to cause carpet damage in your eagerness to entirely remove the mess.


Since sticky messes are stubborn, inadvertently using excessive force when trying to remove them is a common occurrence. This force may come in the form of vigorous scrubbing, harsh chemicals, or obsessive picking. No matter which method of carpet cleaning you choose, too much at once can be murder on your carpets. Carpet damage from improper cleaning can come in the form of split fibers, bald spots, discoloration, and more. And unlike a bad haircut, if the carpet damage is especially bad, it won’t grow back in a few weeks.


Rather than risking your carpet fibers in a fit of stickiness-induced rage, instead turn to carpet cleaning professionals who have the tools to safely remove the sticky spots without causing carpet damage. If your Elizabethtown, PA, carpet is suffering from stickiness, mystery stains, hard spots, or other idiosyncrasies, contact us today at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information.

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