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Carpet Cleaning in the Spring for Allergy-Sensitive Lancaster, PA Households

May 30th, 2019 · No Comments

Spring in Lancaster, PA is undeniably a popular time for pollen. After a long winter, it’s hard to resist the desire to throw open windows and let the fresh air in. For allergy sufferers, however, this can be a highway directly to sneeze-ville. The good news is that it’s possible to have a home filled with fresh air and still stay allergy-free, but the home cleaning professionals with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up will tell you that you’ll need to add some regular carpet cleaning to your weekly chore list.


Anyone who has lived with major allergies knows that cleaning is just a part of life. Keeping sheets, clothes, and surfaces clean is a basic way to ensure that allergens aren’t sneaking in while you’re just trying to live your life. However, learning to do strategic cleaning instead of hard cleaning is a great way to take control of your chores and allergies all at once.


Some areas of the home such as curtains, carpets, and other fabric surfaces are better at hiding allergens than others and can hold pollen, dander, and dust for impressive amounts of time. Carpets are especially good at accumulating and retaining a vast amount of dust and allergens. Introducing regular professional carpet cleaning into your home cleaning routine can make a major difference towards reducing your suffering due to allergies, but adding regular carpet cleaning to your home cleaning schedule can feel like a major burden unless you get a little help.


Requesting regular expert carpet cleaning from home cleaning professionals can ensure that the cleaning is thorough, deep, and allergy-friendly. This can be a great choice if you only have time for vacuuming every few days, which for an allergy-heavy home isn’t always enough. Rather than kicking up pollen and sneezing away your afternoon, let the professionals take one for the team and make sure you can breathe easy in your own living room.


For allergy-prone Lancaster, PA residents, professional carpet cleaning will provide the relief you so desperately need. Contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information on our home cleaning services in the springtime and year-round.

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As Spring Arrives, It’s Good to Know Whom to Call for Disaster Restoration in York, PA

May 28th, 2019 · No Comments

With too much snow and where will it all go, 2019 is turning out to a record year for memorable weather events, and it’s good to have a friend to call if the worst should happen and you need disaster restoration assistance in the York, PA, area.


After dealing with drifts of snow and potential ice damage to your roof and other leaks this winter, you now find the spring melt and resulting rain showers are leaving your yard a bit soggy, potentially causing some flooding, and although hopefully not, dampness is invading your home as well.


There are few worse sights or feelings than water entering your home. From just a little to several inches to a full-scale flood, the water has got to go, and ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up of York, PA, is ready to help at any hour of the day or night.


We understand it’s important to act quickly when water threatens your home and belongings. Getting rid of the water is the first step, yet it’s drying the area that really matters. Our technicians create a multi-day plan to  control the dampness that can cause long-term damage to carpets and furnishings. Quick action can minimize the destruction and expensive replacement of your belongings.


Our pros will also help you guard against the longer term issues of mildew and mold growth. Your nose will likely not be fooled by lingering mildew. However, when it comes to mold, it’s what you cannot see or smell that can seriously affect your family’s health as well as the value of your property.


Don’t let disaster restoration leave you in despair; instead, make ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up services your first call as you deal with mishaps, clean your carpets, or need commercial services performed at your business. We’re available 24 hours a day in the York, PA, area. Call us at (717) 299-2261 for more details.

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Playing It Safe after Home Fire Damage Hits Your Lititz, PA, House

May 6th, 2019 · No Comments

The flames that precede home fire damage are the most obvious part of any house blaze, but unfortunately the dangers of fire damage don’t stop at the flames. In many ways, open flames are just the beginning of the trouble. Fire damage restoration is a process comprised of many steps, and ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up wants all Lititz, PA, homeowners to know that the first step of every damage restoration situation is ensuring that the occupants and owners are safe, healthy, and in no further danger. The risks that accompany home fire damage are numerous and sometimes subtle. Therefore, learning to protect yourself in a fire damage situation is vital to the damage restoration process.

Fire is the sort of chemical reaction that causes a huge variety of effects as it spreads. Along with the physical burning and heat, there is also the production of smoke and soot. For homeowners dealing with home fire damage, these byproducts can be more dangerous to you and your family than the fire itself. It’s natural after home fire damage to want to go back in and see just how bad it is, but resisting this urge until damage restoration specialists have ensured that the space is safe is extremely important. Not only can the structural integrity of your home be compromised, but also, if the space is still smoking, you could be at risk of smoke inhalation or other types of respiratory damage.

Along with the immediate risks, returning to the home even after the fire is completely out can still be dangerous. The extinguishing process utilized by fire fighters can be high powered and widespread. This can mean that your home fire damage is now also paired with home water damage as well. Even if things are mostly dry, a damaged home paired with significant amounts of water can produced mold or other respiratory risks.

Playing it cool until damage restoration professionals give the “all clear” can be frustrating and overwhelming. If your Lititz, PA, home has been impacted by home fire damage or you need any damage restoration services, contact our team at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up for details on how to take the first step forward. Call us at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for more information today.


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It’s Finally Time to Think Spring and Upholstery Cleaning in New Holland, PA

April 30th, 2019 · No Comments

If you’ve got upholstery, you’ve got some spring cleaning to do before the warmer months get going in earnest in New Holland, PA. Forget about the predictions that rodent by the name of “Phil” made earlier this winter; you’ll know when the snow is melting in earnest and the days are continuing to get longer.


ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up also knows all about nice springtime days. This is when it’s time to start thinking about indoor and outdoor upholstery cleaning. If you have an outdoor set of lawn furniture with some comfy cushions, chances are you probably haven’t given them a lot of thought about how clean they were when you stored them last fall. Maybe they picked up a few more stains than you remember over the past season or so. It’s also possible that a nearby tree decided to leave some extra needles and a nice dollop of sap as a seasonal parting gift. Don’t fret because the pros at ServiceMaster will have you ready for summer in no time.


There’s something to be said for a team that puts together a plan before going after a problem. Our upholstery experts will take a close look at your furniture inside your home as well. Has all that time indoors resulted in some extra staining after a snack or maybe a misplaced drink that got spilled? We’ll get an idea of what kinds of stains are present and then offer a clear plan of attack.


Your ServiceMaster pros know the gentle ways to make those stains disappear along with making your upholstery and furnishings look and smell brand new. Your family will notice the difference, and the pickiest of visitors will be impressed too.


Don’t let a long winter leave your furnishings looking worn and smelling dank. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up services is your first stop for upholstery cleaning to get them ready for spring, deal with any upholstery disasters, get carpets cleaned, or have commercial cleaning services performed at your business. Our experts are available 24 hours a day for your upholstery and other cleaning needs in New Holland, PA. Call us today at (717) 299-2261 for more details.

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Why You Need Real Deep Carpet Cleaning for Your Quarryville, PA, Home

April 22nd, 2019 · No Comments

Deep cleaning is a term that’s often used in advertisements for everything from toothpaste to dish soap, but rarely does it indicate much actual depth. When it comes to professional carpet care in your Quarryville, PA home, deep carpet cleaning really means what it sounds like.


Carpet is made of many little fibers and threads which easily trap and retain soils, germs, allergens, and other forms of filth. If you want your carpets to be truly clean, deep professional carpet cleaning performed by the experts at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up is what you’re looking for.


Most homeowners who handle their own carpet care probably have a pretty basic routine. For some it might involve spot cleaning for individual messes, but many simply rely on vacuuming to keep their carpet care up-to-date. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to keep those carpets truly clean.


Carpet cleaning, when done properly, is a multi-step process. Simply vacuuming and spot cleaning will help keep your carpets looking clean, but it doesn’t compare to a full-fledged professional deep carpet cleaning session.


Vacuums are excellent tools for removing surface messes such as fur, dander, dirt, or dust, but they aren’t a catch-all for everything messy in the world of carpet care, and have little to no effect on stains and spills.


While a stain removing spray or foam can help, unless the vacuum has the power to thoroughly extract the messy residues they produce, only the surface is getting cleaned, leaving deeply embedded filth behind.


Carpeting also retains natural oils, grease, allergens, and any number of dirt particles down near the mat. These substances can be difficult to detect, and without effective carpet care they can make carpets smelly and appear grimy. That’s why professional deep carpet cleaning is so key for homes that have carpets and rugs.


If your Quarryville, PA home hasn’t had a truly deep carpet cleaning appointment this year, schedule a carpet care session with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up’s professional carpet cleaning team. Call us at (717) 299-2261or visit our website here!

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Essential Soot Removal after a Kitchen Fire in Lancaster, PA

April 11th, 2019 · No Comments

Kitchen fires are a home disaster that can happen at a moment’s notice. It might be an overheated stove-top dish, a microwave meal gone wrong, or a forgotten roast in the oven, but however it happens, kitchen fire damage can linger and disrupt your life for weeks if you don’t know how to properly attend to it. The fire damage professionals with ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up are prepared to help you get your Lancaster, PA, kitchen back in working order, and in many cases, that means some serious soot removal.


Aside from outright physical damage, soot is a byproduct of fire damage that tends to cause homeowners a lot of grief. It looks messy, smells bad, and is extremely persistent in sticking around whenever and wherever you don’t want it to. Though soot isn’t welcome anywhere in the home, the kitchen is one place where soot removal is especially essential.


That smoky, oily smell that comes with fire damage also comes with soot. If you’re hoping to do any cooking, tasting, or eating in the realm of your kitchen in the near future, soot removal may be the only way you can bake cookies and smell anything other than the remnants of the fire. Nothing disrupts a good meal more than an unpleasant smell emanating from the kitchen.


And, of course, if you can see soot, you’re probably breathing (and eating) soot. Fire damage does tend to linger in a variety of ways, but if you’re able to see the damage with your eyes, you know you have a problem and you need to fix it. Breathing in soot for days or weeks can cause lung irritation, eye irritation, and exacerbate preexisting health conditions.


If you’ve experienced fire damage in your Lancaster, PA, home and are struggling with leftover soot in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home, contact the soot removal experts with ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information.

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Months of “Wet” Mean You Could Need Water Damage Restoration in York, PA

March 15th, 2019 · No Comments

The year 2018 went down as the wettest on record in York, PA, and it appears the new year is following that trend. From rain to snow, York, PA, is getting more than its share of what has been a series of storms, and this could increase the possibility that you might need water damage restoration.


The past several months have been a busy time for ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up as flooding woes brought on by a total of more than five feet of rain last year was more than enough to keep home and business owners watching the skies for trouble and looking for water damage restoration solutions.


So far, this winter is creating more headaches with heavy storms, accumulating snow, and freezing temperatures, which is a prescription for trouble. The trouble isn’t on a large scale, like a flood, but through problems that can only come with a winter that drags on and on.


Layers of snow can build up on roofs, and a little thawing can lead to the creation of ice dams. This is a sure pathway to more problems from above, like leaks and water damage. If a roof were to collapse from all the snow on it, you could imagine the resulting mess that would need to be to be dealt with. Also, when the temperature dips to below freezing, water freezes and nothing can be more stressful on pipes. If your pipes leak or break from the freezing temperatures, they can make for an urgency to clean up and dry out.


Be assured that your friends at ServiceMaster have seen it all before and are ready at any hour to assist with water damage restoration. We will quickly come up with a plan to remove the water and get things dried. Then some longer-term decisions can be made about damage and how to avoid further soggy surprises in the days or weeks ahead.


Don’t let a long winter and the threat of water damage make you worry. ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up services is your first stop to swiftly deal with a water disaster, carpet cleaning, or commercial services at your business. Our professionals are available 24 hours a day for your water damage restoration and regular cleaning needs in York, PA. Just call (717) 299-2261 for more details.

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Carpet Cleaning Goes Beyond the Stains in Lititz, PA

March 1st, 2019 · No Comments

When people think of carpet cleaning, they may picture big blotchy stains, excess lint, or an unpleasant sticky residue. This isn’t exactly inaccurate, but what many Lititz, PA homeowners don’t realize is that a dirty carpet may not always appear dirty to the naked eye. This is why the carpet care professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up believe in carpet cleaning that goes beyond what you can see.


When talking about carpet cleaning, most people new to carpet care will only take action when they can see something on the carpet that they don’t want there. If you can’t see the mess in question, however, it’s much more difficult to tackle the problem.


Vacuuming regularly is a great start to combating invisible carpet messes, but unless you’re using a high-powered vacuum that you clean on a regular basis (yes, the vacuum should be cleaned as well!) and have a large block of time to dedicate exclusively to vacuuming every week, there’s a good chance that some of those little particulates are getting overlooked.


Dirt, dander, dust, mites, and motes are all components of dirty carpets that you may not register as an issue, but sometimes the littlest particles cause the biggest problems. Individuals with allergies and asthma could have their symptoms triggered by even a minor amount of exposure, which means that having any carpet at all might be making certain breathing issues worse. Even if no health conditions are in the mix, regular carpet care can prevent other issues such as musty smells in the home.


Effective carpet cleaning should be ultimately setting all of your carpets to “neutral.” Carpet at its best looks and feels comfortable but has no other negative impacts on your home. Without regular carpet care, your living room shag could be catching and keeping every little dust particle that passes through your house.


If you’re concerned that your Lititz, PA carpets are housing dirt and dust, contact the carpet care professionals with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up to schedule a deep carpet cleaning session today. Call us at (717) 299-2261 or visit us here!


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That Sneeze Could be a Carpet Cleaning Tease in New Holland, PA

February 4th, 2019 · No Comments

For most of us, regular carpet cleaning includes a once-over with a vacuum in New Holland, PA. It’s a guaranteed way to tidy things up and take care of any lingering dirt or lint that’s been tracked around during these cold weather months.


While your eyes might be pleased, your nose could be telling you something completely different. Ever notice that after vacuuming you have an uncontrollable urge to sneeze and find yourself sniffling? Chances are, things aren’t as clean as you think.


ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up knows that while you might feel trapped indoors in the winter, there’s a good chance that the dust your vacuum can’t get to with ordinary care is trapped as well. In this case it’s in your carpet, and it’s being stirred up rather than sucked up every time someone makes a well-intentioned pass over the top of it with the vacuum.


Allergens from outdoors are no fun during the warmer months, neither is the idea of being trapped indoors with some extra dust you managed to toss into the air…the very air you and your family have to breathe and live with until you’re able to toss open the windows.


This is where your ServiceMaster pros come in because we’re ready to provide the deep-down cleaning your carpets require. Even if your carpeting looks great on the surface, you’d be amazed at how much dirt and other forms of filth gets trapped inside and beneath your floor coverings. It’s shocking enough to see how quickly dust bunnies can multiply. Now imagine how much worse it is if you have a cat or dog that just naturally likes to continuously shed!


Don’t let the dust build-up during a long winter get you and your nose down. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up is your first stop when ensuring you get a thorough carpet cleaning. We’re available 24 hours a day for your disaster restoration and regular cleaning needs in New Holland, PA. Just give us a call at (717) 299-2261 for more details.

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Understanding Water Damage and Mold Removal in Your Lancaster, PA, Home

January 30th, 2019 · No Comments

Water damage is the terrible gift that keeps on giving for Lancaster, PA, home owners who have been rocked by house flooding this winter. After the initial water is removed, the real battles begin. Following up with insurance, repairing your belongings, and preparing to fight back against the nigh inevitable mold are all a part of the total water damage experience. Mold, especially, can be a thorn in the side of home owners for months, and in extreme cases, may even force out residents while recovery takes place. Instead of rolling the dice and hoping that you end up with the “not-as-bad” mold, contact Service Master Fire & Water Cleanup and benefit from our mold removal services.


There aren’t any aspects of water damage that are necessarily pleasant, but some parts are just a little worse than others. For instance, water damage restoration can be in many ways an ongoing struggle against the scourge that is house mold. It’s no secret that damp, warm spaces are the perfect environment for certain organisms to thrive, and mold loves to spread and get cozy in forgotten nooks and crannies. It’s stubborn, unsightly, common, and more important, it’s more dangerous than many home owners realize. Once mold truly settles in, complete mold removal becomes exponentially more difficult.


Not all molds are created equal; some are really more of an eyesore than a health threat. But even if you aren’t dealing with a naturally deadly mold, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any negative ramifications. Mold is a common trigger of allergies and asthma, and it can be a major health risk for pets, children, and vulnerable adults. Even if you’ve never had mold sensitivities in your life, you can still have irritation in your nose and throat due to constant exposure to the mold. Effective mold removal means regaining fresh air in your home and it facilitates a safe, comfortable home environment.


Mold removal is a simple way to restore the sanctity of your Lancaster, PA, home. For all of your mold removal needs and more, contact our water damage restoration professionals. Contact us today at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Cleanup by calling (717) 299-2261 or visiting our website here for additional information.

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