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Odor Removal After Fire Damage: De-stink your Elizabethtown, PA Home.

Let’s say stage one has been completed and there’s no longer a fire actively burning in your home. Great! In fact, you made it through without any significant damage or loss. Even better! So the question remains, why on earth does it still smell like a 50’s diner in your Elizabethtown, PA, house? ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up knows the secret to odor removal after fire damage, and we’re prepared to share it with you.

The smell that remains after fire damage can drive even the sturdiest homeowner absolutely nuts. Constantly breathing in the smell of smoke isn’t just annoying. It can also affect your taste, breathing, allergies, and can even disrupt your sleep. Waking up on a regular basis wondering why your home smells like a fire pit is just as frustrating as it is startling, and without professional odor removal services, it might just become your new normal.

The nature of smoke particulates is that they’re very good at both navigating and clinging. This is what makes odor removal so tough at its core. Even the smallest house fire can produce enough smoke to get into every crack and cranny and linger. If the fire was somewhere near a porous surface, extend that estimate to days, or even weeks. In the event of major fire damage, you’ll most likely be immersed in an environment that reeks of pungent smoke unless you enlist the help of professionals as soon as possible.

When it comes to odor removal, sticking with the professionals is always your best option. The most important aspect of odor removal is to actually remove the odor, not just mask it. Many products are just strong smelling sprays and scrubs that do little other than make that smoke smell like lemon-smoke instead. Not really an upgrade!

If your Elizabethtown, PA, home has been impacted by fire damage and you’d like to request professional odor removal services, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up at (717) 299-2261, or visit our website here.