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Restoring Your Old Furniture with Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Elizabethtown, PA.

Even if you’re an IKEA® enthusiast, it’s likely that you’ll encounter at least some “classic” furniture pieces in your lifetime. These items may not snap together in minutes with the help of streamlined Swedish illustrations, but that doesn’t mean they’ve outlived their usefulness in the modern age. Though plastic, tile, and metal are popular materials in recent designs, upholstered furniture still has a place in your Elizabethtown, PA, living room, and with the help of the professional upholstery cleaning service offered by ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up, even the dingiest loveseat can regain its early charms.

The downside of adopting (or reviving) old furniture is that it often comes with a mysterious, potentially messy past. In many cases, upholstery isn’t an effective keeper of secrets, and anything that happened on or near the furniture may still be evident in the form of splotches, stains, fading, and odors. Upholstery cleaners aren’t magical wizards who can wave a wand and repair three decades of degradation, but a bit of focused cleaning can go a long way in bringing soiled, dingy upholstery back to the present.

Professional upholstery cleaning should be at the forefront of your mind, even if you aren’t buying used. For instance, if your upholstered furniture has been sitting in storage, in a local store, or in a lonely basement for a long time, there’s a chance it has acquired a certain dusty, musty scent. This can be hard on allergies and the olfactory system!  Upholstery cleaners have the tools and solutions to freshen the furniture that’s functionally ready to go but needs a little pampering before it hits the big-time.

If you have upholstered furniture in your Elizabethtown, PA, home that could use a loving once-over, contact the professional upholstery cleaners at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up at (717) 299-2261, or visit our website here. The classic look is coming back in a big way, so make a move and have your upholstery professionally treated today!