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One Small Spark: How to Avoid Unseen Fire Hazards in Lancaster, PA.

The most frightening thing about house fires is that they happen seemingly out of nowhere and spread in what feels like an instant. To prevent house fires, there are certain steps you can take, such as turning off the stove when you leave the house, but sometimes fire hazards can manifest without you even realizing. Though it’s impossible to be prepared for every conceivable scenario, Lancaster residents will be happy to know that you can still be ready for many of them. And besides, if the worst happens and you do experience a house fire, you can take comfort in the knowledge that there will always be someone, like the professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up, who’s ready to help with fire damage restoration.

Preventing house fire risks is almost entirely about maintaining your home, down to even the smallest aspects. This sounds incredibly daunting, especially if you live in a large home or an older building, but in this case, knowing is definitely more than half the battle. That one wobbly electrical outlet in your bedroom?  It’s a potential fire risk.  That power strip in your entertainment room that has one-too-many electronics plugged in? Definitely a fire hazard! Those little quirks around your house may be inconsequential to your daily life, but if you aren’t aware of them, they can be dangerous catalysts.

A fire hazard doesn’t have to be small in the literal sense in order to remain unseen. Large home appliances seem harmless, and so they are often overlooked, but they also represent a fire risk. An important part of fire safety is never leaving any of your home appliances running unattended. This includes stoves, of course, but also laundry machines, dishwashers, and any type of personal heater. All of these appliances are working with multiple moving parts and an energy source, which means that leaving them without supervision can be a dangerous gamble.

One of the trickiest fire risks to prevent is improper or damaged electrical wiring. The trick again is to strive to be aware. Aim to have regular check-ins with an electrician to make sure everything is ship-shape. Wire-caused fires may be hard to predict, but you can certainly lower their likelihood with some routine maintenance.  View your home as the largest appliance you own! Each part has to be operating in peak condition or it can become dangerous to you and to those around you. Don’t neglect certain parts just because you can’t see them!

For more fire prevention tips, check out the U.S. Fire Administration’s pages on fire safety and fire technology.

Common sense may prevent you from walking the dog while frying some eggs, but it’s easy to forget that many unseen aspects of your home are susceptible to unexpected failure, and could be a fire safety risk. If you live in Lancaster, PA and you’ve experienced a fire in your home, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up for fire damage restoration services today. You can reach our 24-hour emergency service line at 800.570.4206 or visit our website!