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Carpet Cleaning in your Pet-Friendly Quarryville, PA Home

Whether you’ve been a pet owner your whole life or are new to the experience in recent years it’s important to remember that carpet cleaning when you own a pet is like a fine art. Knowing the right tools to use, the proper cleaners to apply, and the number of times you have to vacuum per week are all part of the full pet package. Without a little guidance, you can end up cleaning your Quarryville, PA, home in circles with no real progress. The professional carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up can help you plan for a happy pet life without getting stuck cleaning the same spots from Spot over and over.

Pet stains are practically inevitable for anyone living with animals in their home even if they’re the best-trained bird, dog, or cat in the world. Potty trained animals can still get sick, young animals still have to learn, and older animals may have to deal with health issues that can end up requiring some serious carpet cleaning. The most important thing to remember when it comes to carpet cleaning with an animal in the house is that you should always be ready to treat messy spots immediately and with a vengeance. Leaving a mess for moments too long can turn a simple stain into a lasting odor. And if you don’t have the right tools, there’s always a chance that only professional carpet cleaners will be able to truly scrub that stain from the world.

As soon as a mess occurs, clean it up the best you can and expect to have to clean it twice. Carpet cleaning with pets is a multi-step process because carpets are multi-layered. Even if you clean off the top of the fibers, the padding underneath may still carry residue from the stain. Missing just a small spot can even discolor your carpet or lead to a smell that can spoil the atmosphere of your home.

Even if you’ve managed to avoid serious pet messes, don’t be too hasty to discount how quickly a carpet cleaning disaster can happen and how tough it can be to clean out without the assistance of professional carpet cleaners. If you need assistance with a carpet cleaning emergency, or would like additional information on our professional carpet cleaners near Quarryville, PA, contact us at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for information.