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A Professional Remedy to Smokey Stains in Your New Holland, PA Home is Smoke Damage Cleanup by ServiceMaster

Smoke damage comes in many forms; light wisps that leave a fine powder, thick plumes with greasy residue, and noxious bursts that leave no trace other than a pungent scent. Each type of damage has a variety of cleanup methods, but not all home remedies are created equal. Some spritzing and scrubbing may be all it takes in minor cases, but if your New Holland, PA kitchen has suffered from a significant amount of smoke damage, no sponge in the world may be strong enough. Thick residue and extensive smoke damage is best left in the hands of ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up’s smoke damage cleanup specialists.

Many do-it-yourself websites rely on the powers of household products such as vinegar and baking soda for smoke damage cleanup, and yes, the effectiveness of these products in some scenarios cannot be denied. With some elbow grease and determination, you could deal with the after effects of a small amount of smoke damage on your own. Maybe the side of your fridge was scorched by a pot of macaroni gone south. Or perhaps your decorative candles took a dive and left a lasting impression on your favorite table. Both of these smoke damage scenarios are contained and reasonable for self-cleaning. But not all smoke damage will be.

The secret of smoke is that it has staying power as well as staining power. In many cases, smoke damage may not just be purely aesthetic. A little smoke in a single corner of your kitchen may not be a complete disaster to clean, but there’s a fine line between a little smoke and a serious issue. Unless you live in a steel box (in which case a house fire would be problematic for an entirely different reason), then you likely have a home made out of semi-porous materials. Smoke damage is stubborn. Once it has a strong grip on your walls not even Mr. Clean can persuade it to vacate.

Smoke damage cleanup often requires a professional touch to make sure that the smoke is completely kaput. Surface scrubbing with vinegar just doesn’t have the same impact as a specialized coordinated team of smoke damage cleanup professionals. If your New Holland, PA, home has been effected by smoke damage then contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up to arrange a true deep cleaning today. The smoke damage cleanup professionals can be contacts at (717) 299.2261 or by visiting their website here for more information.