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Preventing Wear and Tear to Your Favorite Upholstery with Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Lititz, PA

Learning to strike a balance with your upholstery cleaning is a tough ask if you live in an active Lititz, PA, household. When stains inevitably appear, it can sometimes just be easier to use the strongest cleaner available, regardless of the consequences, and move on with your day. However, if you’re hoping to keep your home upholstery intact and looking its best for more than a few years, relying on ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up’s professional upholstery cleaning tips may be in your best interest.

Upholstery care is a bit of a delicate beast thanks to the wide variety of colors and materials that you may be working with. Over-cleaning is an easy way to degrade fabric, and so is improper cleaning as well as not cleaning at all. One universal thing to remember about upholstery care is that too much of a good thing is probably a bad thing. If you scrub a stain too hard, you may rip or degrade fibers; if you leave a cleaning product on too long, you may experience discoloration; and if you just let it sit there untouched, it can still fade from sun exposure. That’s right, without a little upholstery care know-how, even doing nothing may still cause damage.

A few basic tenets of upholstery care are easy to uphold even if you don’t attempt intense upholstery cleaning on your own. Keeping upholstery out of direct sunlight and regularly flipping upholstery when possible can help prevent fabric from fading. Semi-regular vacuuming can prevent dander, dust, and dirt buildup, which can exacerbate fiber damage. And sitting or lounging in different positions on your furniture on a regular basis can help prevent stretching or wearing of target areas. But when it comes to deep upholstery cleaning, relying on professionals is still your best bet.

Upholstery cleaning requires a practiced hand because once cleaning related damage occurs, the entire look of the furniture is impacted by the blemish. This can require expensive restoration, or in some cases, cannot be easily repaired. Instead, contacting upholstery care professionals can ensure that your items are cleaned and disinfected in a color and fabric safe way.

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