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Protecting Your Pipes from the Winter Weather and Your Lancaster, PA Home from Water Damage

Though the winters in Lancaster, PA may not be as severe as, say, winters in northern Minnesota, they still bring challenges that home and business owners have to confront. These challenges can come in the form of poor heat conservation, excessive rain or snow, or in some cases, water pipes freezing. Some areas of your home are more susceptible to frozen pipes than others, but not knowing how to prevent or treat frozen water pipes can lead to bursting pipes, flooding, or other significant building damage. Luckily, the specialists at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up can help you after things get too icy, but before that happens, here are some tips on identifying and preventing frozen pipes.

First, make sure that you can identify potential problem areas. For instance, unless the temperatures seriously drop, areas within the central, heated portions of your home are likely not going to be as much of a threat. Areas on the periphery such as the garage or an unheated attic, however, can be problem points. One form of winter pipe care is to keep your garage door closed to preserve heat, and consider keeping your thermostat set at a single temperature day and night to prevent late-night freezing.

Any room in the building that uses running water (such as the bathroom or kitchen) should be monitored as well. The American Red Cross recommends leaving cupboard doors open in these rooms to allow heat to travel closer to the water pipes. They also encourage you to leave a very small amount of cold water running through the tap so as to discourage freezing. However, this step should only be taken if you know you have a issue with frozen water pipes!

The second part of winter pipe care is knowing how to identify frozen water pipes. If you have exposed pipes (such as under your sinks) then it may be as simple as taking a look. Frozen water pipes can accumulate frost on the outside which can be visible to the naked eye. Otherwise, if your taps suddenly aren’t working or are only producing a dribble, then a frozen water pipe is likely the culprit. Not only is this inconvenient, but it is also detrimental to the pipes themselves. Homes that aren’t equipped for potential freezing can experience the dreaded burst water pipe. This can lead to flooding, damage, and costly home repairs. If you experience any kind of flooding, it’s time to contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up.

Thirdly, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just because the winter in Lancaster, PA may not be quite as cold as the Midwest, it doesn’t mean your home isn’t susceptible to frozen water pipes and burst pipes. In fact, it may be more susceptible than colder areas because not all Pennsylvania homes are fully equipped to deal with extreme temperature swings. If you experience water pipes bursting in your home and need help dealing with the aftermath, call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up’s 24 hour emergency line at 800.570.4206.

Do your best to be prepared this winter, but if worse comes to worst, you’ll have ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up on your side. Check out our website here for additional information!