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A Little Residential Cleaning Will Get Your York, PA, Home Winter Ready

Following a long summer of heavy rains and weather chaos there is a chance you’ve tracked a thing or two into your home that you’d rather not live with all winter long in York, PA. This is why some residential cleaning will go a long way toward getting your home ready for the holidays and for all the time you know you’ll be spending indoors in the months ahead.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up knows that residential cleaning should go beyond paying attention to your carpets or floors; not that getting the dirt you can see and the stuff you can’t, cleared out of your home isn’t a bad idea. If you find yourself walking into a room and your nose starts running, or you begin sneezing; chances are you’ve got plenty of allergens to send packing before you’re stuck with them all winter.

Our professionals can help with your furnishings as well. Maybe those cushions suffered through a sweaty person or two. You will want to ensure anything extra left behind doesn’t take up permanent residency in your home. Same goes for the dirt, hair, and dander your favorite pets can innocently leave on your favorite chair or couch.

Also, we haven’t even begun to talk about residential cleaning in terms of the dusting, cobweb busting, and the polishing that many modern kitchens demand with all those popular stainless-steel appliances. It pays to get a good level of clean to begin with and then rely on your ServiceMaster friends to maintain it to your satisfaction.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up are your ally, at your call should the need for residential cleaning or something as extreme as fire damage restoration become a reality. Whatever your residential cleaning needs in York, PA, we’re here for you. Just give us a call (717) 299-2261 to schedule your appointment today!