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Saving Your Wet Walls after a House Flood in Quarryville, PA

A house flood brings with it endless potential problems. Beyond the loss of precious belongings and the terrible stress of reclaiming your Quarryville, PA home, there is also the physical water damage that remains even after the bulk of the water is gone. If all your walls are still standing there’s always the chance that they’ve been soaked through so thoroughly that drying them can be difficult. Without professional intervention from the water removal specialists at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up there may not be a foolproof way to dry your damp walls, but a few methods can be used to minimize the damage before help is on the way.


The first step to saving your walls after a house flood is to make sure they are in no way still in contact with water. Hiring a water removal service before proceeding forward will give your walls some room to breathe, and that can make all the difference. Even if there’s only minor submersion, a little bit of water can do a lot of long term water damage. Once there is no longer any misplaced water in your home, you can begin treating your walls properly.


Giving your walls breathing room should be taken literally in the case of a house flood.  Open all of the windows that you can and get fresh, dry air circulating through your home. Keeping the windows closed traps the moisture inside which can be especially problematic if the water damage is particularly deep. You should try and let as much water escape into the outside air as you can. This is a natural method of water removal that works well in minor damage but in severe cases, this may not be enough.

For instance, water can penetrate all the spongy layers of insulation and wood that make up your walls and if water has seeped all the way through, you may also need to consider removing your insulation entirely and starting fresh. This step of course should be done by a professional. It should be done early in the repair process as insulation will hold moisture and can contribute to mold growth. Anything else that holds moisture should also be moved away from your walls (or removed entirely) such as wet boxes or furniture.

It’s a good idea to think of water damage as a contagious disease for your walls.  Separate what you can and maximize the airflow in your home. If opening the windows isn’t doing enough, don’t be afraid to introduce box fans into the mix and direct them toward the damp spots. Remember however that you should only consider introducing fans if your water removal professionals have guaranteed that using electric devices in the impacted area is completely safe.

If the stains appear to run too deep or if you’re finding that the water is still present, contact the water removal specialists at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up for a consultation. Speed is essential for dealing with the aftermath of a house flood, so don’t be afraid to call as soon as it happens. Quarryville, PA residents can contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at 800-570-4206 or via their website here. Dry your walls, dry your tears, and take the first step toward moving on from your water disaster.