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The Water Removal Timeline in Lancaster, PA

It’s difficult to picture how quickly flooding occurs until it happens to you. One minute you may be watching the weather channel in your Lancaster, PA home, and the next, you’re up to your ankles in floodwater. Maybe there were warnings and maybe there weren’t, but when it happens you need to be ready to act quickly. The water removal specialists at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup want you to understand how much every minute matters when water damage happens.

The first consequence of water damage is fairly selfexplanatory: things get wet. For some of your belongings, this won’t matter too much, but for others, such as books, photographs, furniture, and carpets, this will matter a lot. Even in the first few minutes of water entering your house, you could suffer from extreme property loss. This is why it’s so vital to call for help from water removal experts. The less time your home is sitting in water, the better.

Ideally, when it comes to water removal, your belongings will only have time to get wet; they won’t have time to soak. Once the water has time to settle, wood may start to swell and crack, and depending on the state of your carpets, the water may begin to smell. Colored furniture and fabrics may also begin to bleed into the water, which can in turn stain other objects. If your home is left without water removal assistance for more than a day, the damage will likely be significant.

After a day has passed, the water damage issues only increase exponentially. Over a week or longer, mold may begin to grow, structural supports may fail, and any remaining items may be beyond help. If you’re not sure about the condition of your home or your belongings, contact the water removal team at ServiceMaster for an extensive consultation.

Call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup today at 717.299.2261 or visit their website here for more information on water damage and water removal. If your Lancaster, PA home has been impacted by water damage or flooding, don’t wait. Water moves fast, but with the right help you can get your items returned in no time at all.