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Sewage Coming out of Pipe in Yard | Know What to Do

sewage from pipe in yard lancaster pa

Some homeowners in the Lancaster, PA area may not be aware of the ‘clean out’ sewage or septic connection pipe on their property.

This pipe, often white in color, provides access to your main sewer line.

If these pipes ever suffer blockage or clogging, you can have a sewage backup situation in your yard and even within the house.

You may first be made aware of a sewage backup in your yard if you begin to smell sewage outside your house.

How to Respond to Leaking Sewage in Front Yard or Backyard

If you discover a clean out pipe in your yard is leaking sewage, there are several steps you can take to alleviate the situation.

Call Your Water Company or Sewer Purveyor

If the blockage has occurred between the sewer main and the clean out end point, it will likely fall under the responsibility of your local water company or sewer purveyor to fix the issue.

If you live in Lancaster, PA for example, you can contact their water utilities department to find the information you need about your sewer line.

Stop Flushing and Using Water

sewage backup in your yard can easily mean sewage entering the home.

For this reason, it is important to cease using water in your home while you work to resolve the blockage. That means no showers or flushing the toilet.

The blockage can also affect your neighbor, as sewer lines are often shared between several houses.

Inform your neighbor of the blockage so they can also take steps to avoid sewage in their home or yard.

 Also note that your neighbor’s usage of water can cause further sewage backup on your property.

Unclog the Drain Pipesewage coming out of pipe in yard lancaster pa

The clean out pipe in your yard will have a removable cap. You can make an effort to snake out any sewage blocking the drain pipe from this access point.

However, because the blockage may be too far down, it is probably best to contact a plumber and a sewage cleanup service to dispose of the mess.

Sewage waste materials are also dangerous, as they contain bacteria and infectious diseases. A professional sewage removal team will be equipped to dispose of these hazardous materials.

Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup

If sewage has backed up into your yard or home in Elizabeth, PA or a surrounding area, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up can quickly provide sewage cleanup.

Our water restoration technicians are IICRC certified and equipped to safely clean up and dispose of all sewage on a property.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up makes itself available 24/7 at  (844) 805-1107 to quickly respond to sewage disposal emergencies.