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Carpet Cleaning in the Spring for Allergy-Sensitive Lancaster, PA Households

Spring in Lancaster, PA is undeniably a popular time for pollen. After a long winter, it’s hard to resist the desire to throw open windows and let the fresh air in. For allergy sufferers, however, this can be a highway directly to sneeze-ville. The good news is that it’s possible to have a home filled with fresh air and still stay allergy-free, but the home cleaning professionals with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up will tell you that you’ll need to add some regular carpet cleaning to your weekly chore list.


Anyone who has lived with major allergies knows that cleaning is just a part of life. Keeping sheets, clothes, and surfaces clean is a basic way to ensure that allergens aren’t sneaking in while you’re just trying to live your life. However, learning to do strategic cleaning instead of hard cleaning is a great way to take control of your chores and allergies all at once.


Some areas of the home such as curtains, carpets, and other fabric surfaces are better at hiding allergens than others and can hold pollen, dander, and dust for impressive amounts of time. Carpets are especially good at accumulating and retaining a vast amount of dust and allergens. Introducing regular professional carpet cleaning into your home cleaning routine can make a major difference towards reducing your suffering due to allergies, but adding regular carpet cleaning to your home cleaning schedule can feel like a major burden unless you get a little help.


Requesting regular expert carpet cleaning from home cleaning professionals can ensure that the cleaning is thorough, deep, and allergy-friendly. This can be a great choice if you only have time for vacuuming every few days, which for an allergy-heavy home isn’t always enough. Rather than kicking up pollen and sneezing away your afternoon, let the professionals take one for the team and make sure you can breathe easy in your own living room.


For allergy-prone Lancaster, PA residents, professional carpet cleaning will provide the relief you so desperately need. Contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information on our home cleaning services in the springtime and year-round.