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Spring Showers Bring More Than Flowers: We Are Ready for Storm Damage

Most of us are pleased to see winter and the cold, snowy weather that comes with it disappear. What comes after the snowdrifts fade away, however, can be even more unpredictable and destructive. It’s why you can’t let your guard down if violent spring and summer weather creates storm damage in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Your friends here at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up know that thunderstorms, hail, high winds, and even tornadoes are a lot harder to predict and plan for than a half a foot of snow or the fallout from the remnants of a hurricane that might drift into parts of the Keystone state.


If a storm should turn out to pack a bigger punch than you bargained for you could be left with broken windows or a missing roof. This type of destruction can let in more dampness than you could ever imagine, and you could be faced with a flooded basement or some other wet interior spaces in need of serious drying, fast.


ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up knows a thing or two about storm damage in Lancaster because we’ve cleaned quite a few messes created by storms, broken pipes, and sewage backups. We know time is very important when it comes to responding to your needs, and getting a plan of action underway to ensure the proper drying of your home, business, and its contents is essential.


Our goal is to not only save as much of your property as possible but also to help you avoid the costly headaches of mold and mildew growth that can quickly follow if your place isn’t dried out correctly and excess moisture is allowed to linger.


We’re also experts when it comes to property cleanup. If a passing storm has left your property in shambles, we can conduct quick and thorough debris removal. You’ve got enough headaches to worry about – allow us to clean and safely dispose of any storm damaged items.


We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our storm damage services, and it won’t take long for you to realize why we’re the best you’ll find in the Lancaster and York county area. Contact us at (717) 299-2261. No matter what time it is, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up is ready to offer you peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.