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The Steps to Take After a Burst Pipe in Your Quarryville, PA Home

Autumn in Quarryville, PA, doesn’t usually get cold enough to trigger pipe bursts on a regular basis, but knowing how to react when they do happen is much better than leaving your reaction to fate. A burst pipe can cause structural damage to your home, water damage to your belongings, and lasting water-related issues such as mold and mildew as well. The water damage experts with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup want all homeowners to understand that if left unattended, a burst pipe can become a major water disaster in a matter of minutes.

A pipe burst shouldn’t take you by complete surprise if you’ve been paying attention to the water flow in your home. Usually, a burst pipe is preceded by unusual pipe behavior such as slow running faucets, oddly sputtering spouts, or strangely flushing toilets. As soon as these symptoms begin to manifest it’s in your best interest to have them checked by a professional to prevent the issue from compounding.

The moment that you become aware of a burst pipe in your home, turn off your water and any appropriate electrical breakers in the area as soon as possible. This can prevent water damage from spreading as well as preventing additional damage to any mechanical devices that may be in range of the burst. Once the burst has occurred, minimizing the damage in every way possible should be your first priority.

Once you’ve shut off the water it’s time to call for help. The water damage professionals with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup have the tools you need to mitigate severe water damage and to treat any water damage that has already occurred. Our professionals will also be able to direct you towards the next steps you need to take for a total home repair. After you’ve made your calls and while help is on its way, take pictures of the damaged area for your records and move all valuables and personal belongings out of the way. Take note of what has been damaged and make a list of what needs replacing.

When assistance has arrived, point out where the pipe burst occurred and give a quick rundown of what has been damaged. Our specialists can advise you of our restoration services as well as water damage cleanup services and get the process underway at once.

If you take these steps quickly and efficiently, you’ll be on your way to recovery in no time. In the event that your Quarryville, PA, home has experienced a burst pipe this season, or if you ever experience water damage in the future, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Cleanup today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for information.