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The Subtle Fire Damage Risks That Autumn Leaves Behind in Lancaster, PA

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that autumn in Lancaster, PA, is accompanied by many, many leaves. But are they all just a peaceful emblem of the changing seasons, or something more…sinister? As innocuous as they seem, leaves can be the catalyst for many types of fall fire disasters if they’re not attended to properly, and they aren’t the only autumnal threat. The fire damage restoration experts with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up want to make sure that you take your fire damage safety seriously this fall and prevent fires before they have a chance to happen.

Leaf disposal is one area of fall fire safety that’s easy to forget but the sheer number of leaves alone can cause them to get caught in unlikely places, to clog vents or machinery, or to flare up from sparks when you least expect it. Once they really pile up, burning the leaves, if allowed, is one way that some prefer to dispose of the natural litter. But controlled burning can be tricky and is often best left to professionals. If the fire is too close to your home, you could end up with siding damage from the heat or even full-on fire damage if the leaves catch onto something unexpectedly. Having to request professional fire damage restoration because you improperly burned some leaves probably isn’t a story you want to bring up at Thanksgiving.

Additionally, parking your car regularly on top of dry leaves can cause sparking and fires as well. The heat from your car’s exhaust or moving parts can produce enough heat to cause ignite a fire. Rather than risking a hot undercarriage or a burning leaf pile gone rogue, raking your lawn and disposing of leaves safely away from your house are always smarter options. It may feel like a lot of effort just to move a few little leaves to another part of your yard or to the compost, but the effort is absolutely worth the risk avoidance. Fire damage restoration is a service that is always available, but if you can keep yourself fire-free with some regular raking most people would say that it’s worth it,

Once you’ve cleared your lawn, don’t forget to take your fire damage safety checks inside as well. A great way to prevent autumn fire damage or fire damage down the road, is to have your heaters and all heating elements inspected before you actually need them. If you haven’t used your space heaters, your regular indoor heating, or your radiators since last winter it’s wise to make sure they’re in working order before you need them full time. This is also a great time to make sure you don’t have leaves blocking your chimney or any other vents out of your home.

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