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Why Summer Carpet Cleaning Makes Sense in York, PA

Open doors, open windows—what could possibly make its way inside your home during the summer months in York, PA? There are plenty of possibilities as you ponder an answer to that question; needless to say, they add up to a strong argument in favor of summer carpet cleaning.


ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up knows that you and the rest of your family just can’t stay put during the warm weather months, and neither does dirt, dust, pollen and other possible irritants floating through the air.


While we’re sure you’re good at weekly vacuuming, this no match for the amount of dirt and even sand from the beach that can find its way onto your floors and eventually into your carpeting. It’s why your ServiceMaster pros are your ally in carpet cleaning and avoiding long-term damage.


It’s also important to also think about spills and stains. If you entertain, you will end up with more than a few mishaps when the kids spill some soda or maybe a guest has just managed to have too good of a time. Either way, you want experts in your corner who have seen that sort problem before and know just what to use to ensure sure it can safely be whisked away.


If you’ve got pets, all of their comings and goings between your home and the great outdoors isn’t helpful either. Paws track dirt indoors and just about anything else they get into. Summer can also bring more shedding of hair, and pets can be responsible for some curious odors. Your ServiceMaster pros know just how to help you get ahead and stay ahead of summer’s worst warm weather hazards.


It’s why you’ll come to rely on the ease of using ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up services. We have the best equipment, resources, and technical knowledge to properly care for your interior in the York, PA, area. We’re also available for far more than carpet cleaning should disaster strike at any hour of the day or night; call us at (717) 299-2261.  Keep us in mind and enjoy a worry-free summer season.