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After a Long Summer, it’s Time for a Good Residential Cleaning in York, PA

Do you have any idea about all of the different things you probably tracked into your home this summer? If your answer is no, then it’s time you thought about treating your home to a thorough residential cleaning before windows are closed and the furnace is turned on for the colder months in the York, PA area.

Whether you own or rent, are coming in, or moving out, a good residential cleaning is appreciated by family members or visitors alike. Sometimes it’s as simple as some dusting and vacuuming to maintain a living area and a few bedrooms.

To get that deep-down clean and target those things you didn’t see floating or wandering into your home, some deeper attention is in order. It could mean additional time working on hard flooring and drapes. It could also mean steam cleaning to get ahead of the dust and dirt that isn’t easy to see.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up of York, PA knows your time is valuable. Many times, after a long day at work, you’re not looking forward to doing more work in the form of mopping, scrubbing, and disinfecting. It’s a good idea to let a friend do it, someone who knows the kind of care your home needs and is ready to offer a consistent clean on a regular basis.

You could say the folks at ServiceMaster are the freedom crew. We’ll get your housework finished and you can go out and enjoy the fall season knowing you’re in good shape as we creep ever slowly toward the holidays and those inevitable visits from friends and relatives.

Whether your needs include residential cleaning in York, PA, or a more serious disaster has you wondering if you’ll ever get things cleaned and restored, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up is available 24 hours a day at (717) 299-2261.