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Don’t Let Summer Get Started without a Little Residential Cleaning in New Holland, PA

After a winter like the one we just experienced, it’s easy to say to yourself, the sun is out and the doors can be left open, so who needs to spend valuable outdoors time worrying about residential cleaning in New Holland, PA?


For the most part, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up agrees with you. Not because we think living with all that dirt and dust that built up over the winter is a healthy idea, but because we can put together a deep-cleaning list, and we are ready to get those chores done as quickly as possible for you.


When it comes to helping you get rid of the dirt and dust that can accumulate over a long winter, we’re here for you.


Your ServiceMaster professionals are ready to take care of residential cleaning that can include drapes and carpets. Chances are that your floor coverings took in more dirt than meets the eye. Vacuuming regularly is a good idea, but there’s nothing like a good deep-down cleaning to make those carpets look and smell their best.


Your residential cleaning won’t be complete unless you consider letting our experts add their skilled touch for that favorite couch or living room set that had a lot of company over the cold weather months. Chances are it took on a few extra stains too. While you did your best to wipe up stains, there’s no substitute for a deep stain removal treatment. Your eyes and nose will tell you and your family that you made the right decision.


Don’t let residential cleaning chores overwhelm you as you prepare for summer. Make ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up services your first call for some seasonal cleaning and for more serious mishaps if they should occur. We’re available 24 hours a day in the New Holland, PA, area. Call us at (717) 299-2261 for more details.