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Taking Heed of Water Stains in Your Elizabethtown, PA Home

The rainy season is just around the corner in Elizabethtown, PA which means homes susceptible to water damage should start prepping sooner rather than later. For owners who live in older homes or are picking up the pieces from previous damage, the rainy season can bring a big dose of reality to your situation very quickly. The water damage experts at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up encourage all homeowners, even if you haven’t had water damage before, to check walls, floors, and ceilings for telltale water stains in the coming months.


Water stains are one of the most obvious signs of water damage in your home. Hard water, and even treated soft water, usually contain trace amounts of minerals that, upon drying, become visible. These water stains may be light in color, but still dark enough to be noticeable against your home’s walls. As soon as a water stain becomes visible, homeowners should be prepared to leap into action.


Other than impacting the resale value of your home, which they certainly do, water stains also have other drawbacks that you should consider. First and foremost is the fact they’re likely indicating a deeper water damage issue that you should attend to before you concern yourself with the aesthetics of the stain. If water is getting somewhere it shouldn’t be, your problems are far worse than some simple stains. If you’ve already treated the source of the water damage, however, be sure to check the stained area for any dampness. If you leave a water stain to its own devices for too long it can develop mold in short order.


Once water stains have set in, it can be tricky to remove them without causing additional damage. As you may have guessed, taking a bucket of water to a water stain isn’t exactly a foolproof solution. Water stains are just another form of water damage that may require a professional touch to make sure it doesn’t stay put or get worse. In fact, it’s good to remember that if water damage is bad enough that it’s leaking into walls or ceilings, a quick call to a professional is always the best course of action.


If your Elizabethtown, PA home has suffered from water damage or lingering water stains, call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information.