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Tending to Hardwood Floors During Summer Weather in Lancaster, PA

Hardwood floors come with many benefits that Lancaster, PA homeowners have once again begun embracing after a several-decade love affair with installed carpet. They’re simple to wipe down, easy to decorate, and can add a natural, classy aesthetic to many modern households. But just because they’re fairly low maintenance doesn’t mean they require zero maintenance at all. For the floor cleaning experts here with ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up, we consider hardwood floor maintenance just as vital as thick shag carpet upkeep.

Hardwood floor maintenance is indeed simpler than carpet maintenance in several ways, but that doesn’t mean that you should leave your hardwood floors to fend for themselves. A little routine care and cleaning by floor cleaning experts can make a major difference for hardwood floors year-round, but especially in hot summer weather.

Even though it seems pretty untouchable, hardwood floors can still be impacted by environmental factors such as natural wear and tear and accidental damage. If you ignore floor cleaning for too long the dirt and grime can leave small grooves in the surface. If you let the sun glare down on the floor all day you may see signs of sun-bleaching or damaged finish. And if you tend to come in from the summer rain without kicking off your shoes, you may be incurring some gradual water damage as well. Hardwood floor maintenance isn’t rigorous, but in the summertime a little bit of attention can go a long way.

Rather than tiptoeing around your floors in the summer, mitigate natural damage by keeping your shades closed when you’re not home and your feet dry when they wander through your home. The best way to extend the life of your floors is by keeping them protected from the elements and clean. Regular floor cleaning will not only keep the wood looking bright and welcoming, it will also help temper the damage that daily life can impose.

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